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It was the moment metal cosied up to dance music - and it stank, badly. Why did they do it? We'll never know. But we can give it one last kick in the balls

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They’re a talented bunch of musicians, but they dont seem to want to settle on a style – it’s the latest record from Goatwhore, who despite the enthusiasm have a bit of work to do


It’s got people talking, that’s for sure. It’s a harsh and bleak death metal conjuration, but could also do with a bit more structure says Jonathan Keane


Let’s be honest, this one’s all about the drums. What what drums – Adam Jarvis is a human nailgun here, firing out the blasts at 1000mph


The lineup was cracking. Hawkwind, Beastmilk, Manilla Road, Grave Miasma and many more. Our man was there, and send this field report


They’ve returned from relative obscurity to romp through their greatest hits – and the sound of crossover metal from times gone by


A week back, we ran an interview where the metal version of English Dogs said their former member was bang out of line for using the band name. This is his response.


Their new album rivals Anathema, and is a superb mix of dark, accessible rock with amazing songwriting. You need to hear it.