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From The Vaults

OK so you haven't brushed it off since 1998 - but that doesn't mean this oft overlooked gem doesn't have stonking great tracks. Blaze Bayley's finest hour!

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The lineup was cracking. Hawkwind, Beastmilk, Manilla Road, Grave Miasma and many more. Our man was there, and send this field report


They’ve returned from relative obscurity to romp through their greatest hits – and the sound of crossover metal from times gone by


A week back, we ran an interview where the metal version of English Dogs said their former member was bang out of line for using the band name. This is his response.


Their new album rivals Anathema, and is a superb mix of dark, accessible rock with amazing songwriting. You need to hear it.


The old lads can still put the young’uns to shame. Discharge open with their best songs and flatten the place – leaving this reviewer reaffirming their praises.


It’s here – and we’ve got it. The new album from one of the world most venerated metal bands. Opeth have introduced new sounds into Pale Communion, giving it a whole new dynamic.


Delain are playing an A game here – this euro metal, full of synths and massive riffs, is absolutely cracker. For fans of Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil. You’ll lap it up