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Wild Rocket's fuzzy and bleepy space rock absolutely rules on this new vinyl - an album full of character and, more importantly, fun. It absolutely rocks

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OK so you haven't brushed it off since 1998 - but that doesn't mean this oft overlooked gem doesn't have stonking great tracks. Blaze Bayley's finest hour!

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New Irish Metal - The latest demos and albums, reviewed

  • Toska

  • Lynched

  • Wild Rocket

  • Qip

Delain are playing an A game here – this euro metal, full of synths and massive riffs, is absolutely cracker. For fans of Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil. You’ll lap it up


Put that serious face away – it’s Alestorm, and their pirate metal is a good cure for a shit day. Plus they do an epic cover of that ‘Hangover’ pop song which you gotta hear


They’ve been in front of the Law and even made a name for themselves by apparently bringing bodyguards and arms on stage. We’ve got their entire new album streaming here


They’re back – one of the first pioneers of punk and metal crossover. They’ve a new album out, but also an old member using their bandname.

They tell us that sounds like a mid life crisis


This has got to be one of the best albums of 2014 by a considerable margin. Not content with bringing Celtic Frost back to critical acclaim, Tom G Warrior confirms his place in metal legend with this second outing as Triptykon – in an album of majestic, punishing bleakness.


When word leaked out that Tombs would be recording their third full length with none other than Erik Rutan, it was an interesting proposition. The results are striking – and powerful


Dead Congregation have already made their name in the lore of the underground – but this new record is even more invincible than before.

You simply have to hear it – crushing aggression, speeding blasts and contorted riffs abound!


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Next five metal gigs in Ireland

  • 21 Aug

    Whelans, Dublin • €0

    Iron Mounatin + Dread Soveriegn
  • 22 Aug

    Voodoo Lounge, Dublin • €20

  • 23 Aug

    Fibber Magee's , Dublin • €8

    Sinate + Syphor + Legion Of Wolves + support
  • 27 Aug

    Button Factory, Dublin • €27

    Russian Circles, And So I Watch You From Afar, Emma Ruth Rundle and more
  • 30 Aug

    Swagman Bar, Sligo • £0

    Whiplash - Metallica Tribute

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