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Carnun Rising | ‘At The Dawn Of A Dark New Age’

Finally we have the new album from Co. Cork’s finest Carnún Rising, whom many will have known in the past under their former guise of Renewal. As usual with local releases I shall start with the practicalities: here we have an excellently printed and reproduced, fully pro cd production with no less than 8 pages of inlay to keep eyes busy.

Original painted art is always a bonus in my book, which is reproduced well here – no dodgy inkjet prints for these lads, as being released through Acheron records this is the real deal and the cd is also fully barcoded to ensure proper distribution. So you know buyiung this you’ll get your money’s worth. Full marks on this one then, and it should make a good impression on the already interested record companies.

I was always surprised by the ferocity and taughtness of the Carnun Rising live assault, and it has definitely been carried with total fidelity to compact disc. Having seen them now several times I am always agog at the sheer weight these guys can bring forth with their mixture of Deicide,Slayer and Morbid Angel amongst many others.

The production on this cd is excellent if a shade dry – but its that same dryness that allows the drums so much ultra heavy punch. In fact make that a wallop. John Desmond is a formidable drummer live and hits the tubs harder than nearly anyone else I’ve ever seen. Which, when playing at the speed this band do, gives the supreme advantage of real genuine weight. It is like thunder, and is without doubt the standout performance of this album.

The eponymous opener basically sums up everything about the rest of this cd for both good and bad. On the good side, we have fantastic speed mixed almost to perfection; nice clear and punchy dry drums, allowing the riffs to be well heard and giving a real drive to the proceedings. As I noted in a live review, this band certainly remind of Angelcorpse (RIP) and Deceased with their tearing pace – but further listening reveals comparisons to Krabathor and Asphyx for the no nonsense classic brutality on offer.

Where the band unfortunately lag a bit however is in their more basic heavy metal riffing; it seems that the band can keep perfect precision timing when playing quickly, and yet all this is lost when they slow down. Strange this, as its usually the other way round. The problems never last, as usually these slow stompy riffs always lead in to the real speedy body of the song – but I really feel that had these been left out this cd would very nearly be 5/5 material.

“Soldiers of Chaos” showcases some very “Zombie Ritual” era Death stylings, but the best song on this cd for my money is the definitively ferocious and notably more moody “Enhrined in Darkness” which of course reminded instantly of Vader with whom this band definitely share a few tricks. All in all this cd is an absolute necessity for any real fan of Death Metal, and it far surpasses alot of the mediocrity in todays genre.

One really cannot fail when starting from the base of the classics and adding the punch and brutality that moden day methods give. As I said, it isnt perfect; the timing isnt always spot on and the tuning does even appear to be out on one or two occasions; its a very dry production; but don’t let this turn you off. It is a thunderous and genuinely ball breakingly heavy piece of work that you cant in all honesty afford to miss. Their live show still reigns supreme.

– Earl Grey ::: 25/03/02

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  1. Shame these lads haven’t played in a while.

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