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Sigurd Wongraven - Satyricon

● Frost's new drumming
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Involution | ‘Land Of The Blind’ Demo

First off, the production on this demo is astounding. There are many a pro recorded signed band who couldnt muster a sound as powerful as this, with excellent space and plenty of balls.

Secondly, the music is performed to the same excellent standard. Involution are a relatively new band on the Belfast circuit and have a definite Therapy? vibe about them.

The music is more or less a much more aggressive take on modern grunge, infused with quite a wide variety of influences within the modern rock canon. I can pick out bits of Tool here and there, and a little Raging Speedhorn dirtyness also.

Its all done with great panache, form little interesting drum fills to some quite elegant and subtle guitar additions (nicely done in the ponderous “Virgin Suicides”). An eastern feel is captured in the demo’s most expansive track “Beautiful Tomorrow”, and Alice In Chains were definitely in the ol’ cd played before the band penned “Longlostwithin”, with maybe also a wee bit of Pearl Jam in there too.

So its less metal and more heavy grunge. But its well performed, well produced and will certainly do the band well in the live context. My only criticism is that the vocals could have done with a little more reverb, as at times they sound completely flat (not in the musical sense) and slightly wooden.

It starts to flag a bit toward the end – the start is where the energy is and it seems to dissipate as time goes on, but apart from that the band have made as good a stab at interesting heavy rock as the best.

Earl Grey ::: 22/10/02

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