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Album Of The Month April 2003
Shadow Season (ROI) | ‘Frozen’

If the glory days of great Black Metal be over, console yourself at least with this.

Shadow Season’s creative nucleus of B Winter and Void hail originally and currently from Co.Cork, but as you may have noted in previous reviews here, have hooked up with some of Norway’s finest during their stay in the country in order to lay some brilliant and fresh extreme metal.

So we have the best of both worlds; musicians eminating from Ireland creating some wonderful and intricate Black metal, backed up by the professional clout and talent of those who were there at the start.

Since we last looked, B Winter and co have added none other than the mighty Trym to their rankes as guest drummer – and in truth, what more could any band want?

His blast is ferocious as we all know well from albums like the latter Emperor collection and his work with Enslaved on their epochal “Frost”.

His work compliments both the windy and straighter riffs to perfection, and adds a feeling of authenicity and hugeness to the proceedings.

The more progessive elements of their promo cds seem to have been left behind in favour of sheer brutality on this EP.

There are none of the pleasant acoustics that sweetened those, and the effect here is more of a fist in the face of cold black metal.

Sanrabb and Dolgar both of Gehenna lend their vocal talents to the cd, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage; positive because the vocals of the promos were the only thing I found tedious about the band, and negative because sometimes I am convinced I am listening to Gehenna such are the apparent similarity of riffs and feels.

On many occasions throughout one can definitely hear the stylings of “Murder” or “Admirion Black”; the same essential BM, but with the brute force of delivery that equals more Death metal for weight.

Remember when Immortal, Emperor and Gehenna suddenly started trying to sound a bit more like Morbid Angel? That’s what parts of this are like, particularly on the drudgy parts of “Cataclysmic Ancient Illusion”.

At other stages I am reminded of recent Satyricon, for similar reasons, and as noted last time round the riffs do take some inspirations from the Abigor and Limbomic Art school of shred.

This is not shrill – rather a beefy and chunky extreme metal blast, backed up by a sterling production.

All in all it delivers a varied, brutal and engaging slice of modern day Black Metal laden with a talent and skill that is easy to hear.

Most importantly the songs are class; it would be foolish to pass this one by.

4.5 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 01/04/03

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