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Dypherim | ‘Demo’

I’m going to go all out on this one and say that its certainly the best Irish demo I’ve heard in quite some time.

This is the band that some of you down the south west of the country will have been seeing around as Dead by Dawn, and who have now wisely chosen to change their name to something with a bit more of their own identity in it.

The production isnt the best ever, but its a good sharp demo with a nice amount of bite, if at times a bit lacking in the old bass. Still, good music always shines through and this is no exception.

This cd is a pretty raucaus mix of midpaced and weighty Death metal with the shrill punky Black element in there as well. I cant really detect a standard influence across these four tracks here, but each track does reveal something; the beginning of opener “Rapture” utilises an octaved lick that sounds almost exactly like it could be off early Solefald (the comparison however does end here), and the band are showing their knack early on with the immediacy of their impressive blasting.

Even through the sometimes generic nature of the riffs and vocal patterns here there is always a mood present, which is perhaps as good a compliment as I can give; and though the playing is far from the tightest, there is definitely an x-factor in here making it all more palatable than the sum of its parts should let it be.

There is something reminiscent of Co. Cork’s Mabus and indeed this cd does sort of have the feel of the old Morphosis demo, of course with less blinding brutality. Cannibal Corpse and Death get a look in as the more standard influences on the third track, though there is a discernably straightahead heavy metal feel to “Screaming Pain” which I quite enjoy.

A little surprise clean guitar near the cd’s close shows a commendable willingness to experiment also. Proof then, I think, that this band will be around for quite some time, and any progression from this demo will see them doing wonders. Just watch.

4.3 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 09/07/03

  1. Any chance you still have a copy of this demo?

    I’m one of the former members, none of us has access to a copy of this anymore and would love to ad it to youtube…

  2. I am also a former member of the band and seriously want to trace a copy of our demo. : (

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