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Involution | ‘Truth Be Told’ Demo

Involution’s first demo was an excellently produced and well thought out cd, whose songs were potent and melodic. The live reception hasnt always been ecstatic however, with many finding the bands music just a little too ponderous and with not enough immediacy – the kind of music that perversely makes excellent cds.

With “Truth be Told” though I think that Involution have really found the synthesis. The production is simply fabulous for a demo and sounds like it has been properly mastered, though I dont know if that is the case. Its crystal clear. And the heartwarming thing about this one is that every element has come on in leaps and bounds from last time.

The drums in particular are much more adventurous, adding experimentation and tricksiness to what could easily be dull and repetitive beats. The guitars similarly are now soloing nicely, adding much dynamic. Crucially however, and this has always been a bone of contention for the band, the vocals have come on 110%.

The singing is clear and powerful, and this time has more variety and power, and all notes are hit spot on. Somehow though singer Ryan still sounds like the typical American identikit contemporary rock/metal vocalist – he needs to get more of himself in there, because the notes are bizzarrely too clean and well sung. On several ocassions there is the hint of a grrrr in some notes, perhaps a roll on a particular sylable, and this elevates things no end by adding much personality.

Like I said, it is already good, and this would make it better. So in terms of contemporary rock/metal, few can be doing it better here than these boys… the Tool influence is as pervasive as ever, though hints of Alice in Chains shine through more than before, and it must be said that this cd and the title track in particular are noticably more METAL than before. A fantastic demo.

Earl Grey ::: 23/09/03

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