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Diatribe | ‘Fights The Weakness’

A healthy injection of new blood for Irish metal in the form of West country lads Diatribe.

This cd is chock full of brutal crusty riffs, and the band name should leave no doubt as to the sizeable Napalm Death influence enjoyed on here. It would be unfair to pick this out in specific though, as these are five varied and well thought out songs in the vein of great nineties era brutality.

There’s a bit of Meshuggah time trickery in “Depth Charge”, a bit of Crisis madness in “Crust” (1: brilliant name, 2:brilliant tune, 3: Crisis are practically my favourite band so its great by default) and all in all its as heavy as a bag of spanners.

Theres a lunatic edge to all thats going on in here, and I’m reminded more than once of another great Irish demo, that spewn forth by The State Pathologist Dr John Harbison for sheer weight. There’s no blasts on here, but it doesnt need them.

This is truly heavy music, and the more I listen to this demo the more attached Im getting. It must slay live. “Redout” betrays a hint of NuMetal influence which is a little irritating given the huge aggression on the rest of the cd, but if this is overlooked then “Fights the Weakness” is an excellent, madcap and totally brutal demo worthy of investigation.

Earl Grey ::: 14/11/03

One Comment
  1. Diatribe broke up around mid 04 for various reasons, the main one being that the drummer and co-founder couldn’t play drums anymore due to medical reasons. By that stage we had refined our sound into something else that we were a lot happier with, but unfortunately didn’t get a chance to record those songs… To all the bands we had played with and all the sound heads that came to our gigs over the years, respect.

    Guitarist/Co-song/riff writer with Diatribe

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