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Fulcrum | ‘Demo’

I dont know what’s going on with the water over in Connacht at the moment, but the province seems to be pumping out a new metal demo every week, which of course is a great thing.

And furthermore these demos all seem to be coming from the younger end of the spectrum which is even more heartening. And I’m not done yet; these demos seem to have an exceedingly similar style and execution which makes me wonder if theres a mini metal revolution going on over on the west coast.

Fulcrum are the latest in the line and do well within their genre. Though their main remit consists of a vaguely ‘nu’ tinged metal there’s enough aggro in here to not tie them down into this bracket too much. The drums in particular are strong and well played, with the bass interlocking nicely.

As always on demos the vocals come off second best, with the angsty crooning so typical of this style sounding as generic as all the rest – same for the pinch harmonics a la Machine Head on the guitars. These lietmotifs have been done a thousand times over, a fact that is missed by the enthusiastic bands who continually use this inspiration for their demos, and so the band are not to blame; but they must take note.

So overall a well performed demo with some nice dark textures and shades, with a decent enough production. As yet I cant hear the real Fulcrum through the overwhelming nature of their influences. But as is always the comment with the debut demo, their playing is solid – all they need now is to get some of their own real personality in there and leave the mantle provided by their heroes behind. Sounds like it would be interesting live.

Earl Grey ::: 27/01/04

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