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Gama Bomb | ‘The Fatal Mission’ Demo

Gama Bomb’s debut demo was fair enough, but largely an excercise in hero aping. Not a bad thing given the heroes aped, but ultimately it left the impression that Gama Bomb weren’t really a proposition to take seriously on their own terms.

“The Fatal Mission” however, Gama Bomb’s contributiuon to a split with local punk stalwart The Dangerfields, is just quantum compared to what they’ve done before, and for the first time I can actually hear what the band themselves are about.

Despite an opinion I have read to the contrary, the production on here is surprisingly good, given that I haven’t really rated Komodo’s work with metal bands before, imbuing a massive amount of balls to the rhythm guitars which unequivocally drive this cd.

Every element has come on, with the vocals (now eschewing the falsetto sadly) displaying a credible enthusiasm and personality. At times the solos are simply too long (for example guitarist Kevin’s four part guitar duel with, er, himself), but given the style of the music it hardly impacts badly.

This is a massive leap from their previous effort, and shows to me a band comfortable with itself and its ability. The songs are infectious, the playing is reasonably tight and overall it just feels really, really fun. Something we all need a dose of every so often in the underground these days.

Earl Grey ::: 13/02/04

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