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Album Of The Month April 2004
[R]evolution of a Sun | ‘Titan’

R]evolution Of A Sun has been developing quite a cult following recently.

They’ve played with a lot of touring bands from Ireland and beyond, but have never actually headlined a bill, and their support slot with Converge in Dublin was their first gig outside Cork city.

The demo gets off to a fine start with ‘Titan’ which is similar in style to Isis or the first song off Breach’s ‘Kollapse’.

The song is instrumental until the end and has a vivid post-rock edge to it, and could be described as the calm before the storm.

It is followed by three fairly brutal tracks of hardcore fury. The distorted vocals on the CD are reminiscent of Superhighway Carfire or Unsane.

In fact although the music is not like Unsane at all, there is something about the sound that reminds me of their earlier albums.

The drumming on the fast songs could be more technical, but it is tribal and furious and I like it a lot.

Most music that I categorise as heavy tends to be slow or mid-paced, but (R)evolution manage to sound extremely weighty even when they crank the speed up.

This is most evident in ‘Born To Ashes’ which I can imagine would sound immense in a live setting.

This demo is short at 13 minutes but it shows loads of promise.

The ability is there to produce a record that can match classic Irish hardcore releases such as The Dagda’s ‘Threefold’ or My Name Is Satan’s ‘Refuse To Kneel’.

Bring on the live action.

4.3 / 5 -Stephen “Corrupted” McCormick ::: 2/04/04

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