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Choke | ‘The Mourning After’

This demo overflows with the enthusiasm and energy of youth, but is hence handicapped by the reciprocal want of experience and maturity that time allows.

Aggressive, and performed with gusto, Choke’s emergent sound is the common derivative of post ‘Roots’-era Sepultura that at some underfined point entered the consciousness of emergent bands everywhere.

The production errs slightly toward the tinny, but this could perhaps be down to the drummer’s over fondness for his cymbals, which might on future recordings be pared back just a little to allow the other instruments room to breathe a bit more. The effect is very claustrophobic, and perhaps something the band may want to look at.

Aside from this there are also nods to Raging Speedhorn , particularly with the vocals, which some nice panning adds depth to. But overall the main impression is of a band in its infancy, which time and persistance will of course reward.

The seeds of future successes are apparent in the likes of ‘Fake’, with its impressively consistent speedy section, reminding much of the epochal ‘Fucking Hostile’, and in the clean opening to ‘Sins of the Past’, which may even owe a debt of local inspiration to Honey For Christ’s frequently similar approach.

Overall this band will develop and grow with time, and they will doubtless stick at it. This demo is, however, no different from a thousand others, but they are lucky in that their youth negates some of the blame for that, and closer ‘Step Aside’ shows what they will hopefully be capable of more of given time to broaden their palates and develop more fully. The good graphic design will similarly turn heads.

Earl Grey ::: 25/10/05

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