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Album Of The Month April 2006
Moss | ‘Cthonic Rites’

It doesn’t get more horrible, filthy and disgusting than this.

Anyone who is familiar with Moss’ demos or numerous split CD’s with the likes of Nadja, Bunkur or the wonderfully weird Wolfmagler will have a fair inkling of what to expect from ‘Cthonic Rites’, as it isn’t to far a departure either sonically or thematically from their already considerable independently released back catalogue.

The horrendously slow, dark and twisted Nihilistic Extreme Doom that Moss spew, with its highly conceptualised Lovecraftian theme, audially evokes the Rhode Islander’s anteldiluval crawling chaos almost perfectly, and any of the author’s favorite obscure and descriptive words could easily sum the band up.

This long awaited debut from these Englishmen comprises two lengthy tracks that are some of the most lethargically slow, pitch-black, tortured, mank-encrusted collections of hideous shrieks, feedback and minimal pounding drums ever committed to tape.

This stuff sounds like it’s being bashed out by flailing inanimate corpses.

A low, almost brain massaging drone permeates the entire disc and is possibly what makes this otherwise background music so engaging.

It’s difficult to fault something which is so personalised. Moss are what they claim to be: “Nihilistic Extreme Doom”.

So if normal doom (should such a thing exist) is’nt already your thing, you’d be well recommended to skirt around this one at an ample distance.

However those with a penchant for the likes of Funeralium, Wormphlegm or Bunkur are well advised procure themselves a copy of ‘Cthonic Rites’ as it smothers its competitors with a dense layer of foul, stinking effluent and bile.

The artwork on the packaging is also fantastically bleak minimal, reflecting the sonic contents of the disc perfectly.

Great Stuff.

4.5 / 5 – Jonathan Barry ::: 20/04/06

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