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Chosen | ‘Fragment – Piece II’

Within the second installation of Chosen’s ‘Fragment’ is exhibited some innovative, forward-thinking rock, though wisely Chosen retain at least one foot in the treads of the forebears of classic metal. Over five tracks the recently slimmed quartet afford a plethora of taut yet spatial chords, and keep things interesting through continuous chopping and changing of riffs and patterns.

The drumming, though tight as hell and with mean double-bass, can be overly busy at times to the point of distraction, and in general the fat could be trimmed in places to make for a more concise listen. But out of the many ideas thrown down a healthy proportion bear fruit, with several middle section breakdowns in particular causing ears to perk.

The forceful, clean vocal style works great when paired with the changeable stylings of the two guitarists, and though not representative of the bands sound as a whole, the effect in places even recalls the first Kerbdog album. It is Chosen’s wealth of ideas which proves their greatest asset; given time to tighten the song writing screws, they may establish themselves as a genuine force to be reckoned with.

Philip Donnelly ::: 23/06/06

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