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Absent Method | ‘The Essence Of The Sky’

Having already given the world the competent but constantly maligned Acidtone, the town of Downpatrick isn’t about to do its street cred any further favours with the emergence of Absent Method.

They probably wouldnt call what they do Nu Metal, but essentially it is, right down to the wide mouthed croaky roar and that much abused Deftones chord. You know the one, as every band of floppy haired jessies has been plastering it over MTV like a rash now for about three years.

Unsurprisingly, clean vocal in the contemporary style makes its ill advised appearance in here too: put bluntly though, it shouldnt. The clean singing is consisntently flat, under produced (reverb would have gone a long way), and just too over referencing a thousand and one other whingers doing it. Their instruments however are solid, with good thick guitars and punchy drumming that even takes a brave jump into double kick on the demo’s closer.

‘The Essence Of The Sky’ breaks from the Nu format to offer a more thought out, cooler and toneful drift through clean guitars and a pleasany melody, showing at least some promise of influence from the current wave of Isisalikes.

More of this would be advisable, as they are good at it, but the same problem of stylistic reference will remain until they can really find out what they have to offer the music, rather than the other way round. Solid, and well played, but the vocals are a mess and the music just too derivative. Expand thy cd collections and bear much fruit, chaps.

Earl Grey ::: 25/09/06

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