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Album Of The Month November 2006
October File | ‘Hallowed Be Thy Army’

The humble EP wins yet again. Come on: it’s the perfect vehicle for delivering a short sharp shock of extreme metal without the filler, the deviation or the self indulgence an album calls for.

This debut from emergent but hoary UK rockers is a great example of the benefits of the format.

At a mere three tracks, its over quicker than a good fart. It is however equally if not more satisfying.

There’s just so much attack in it, with its mix of caustic, prime period Ministry, classic British crust and punk, and most importantly the eccentricities and groove of Killing Joke amounting to a royally aggressive slab of pumping metal.

The line of development here is so simple that even fans of The Meads of Asphodel will find much to grab onto in ‘My Magnificant Circus’, while the title track opens for all the world with that classic ‘Love Like Blood’ beat.

Before slamming headlong into an almost ‘Chaos A.D.’ insistence, that is – this is one seriously aggrieved spin, and one you’d do well to pick up immediately.

Each vocal tirade sends a spent cartridge from the chamber, and the throaty bellow gains even more from having the idiosyncracies of its own accent to back it up. It’s natural, unpolished and uncompromising.

If anything, its like the sound of Therapy? let loose and told to cover Discharge for a day, so unconcerned is it for anything but the direct hit.

Further elaborations may as well be redundant given that there is only three tracks to base them on.

Development is limited, given the confines. But if this kind of acerbic quality can be maintained across a forty minute album, October File will be the sort of thing you’ll still be playing in a decade.

Time will tell on that count. For now though, this is an assured and powerful salvo across our bows.

Taking the imperial militaristic chic of the Brits, giving it their equal musical eccentricity, and lacing it with a throat that gargles nitric acid for tipple, its a brilliantly unashamed and immediate platter of serious, heads down, straightahead metal that loses nothing in its rocking objective.

At the last count there was six sonic comparitors in here. Fancy two more?

Cross Bolt Thrower with Andrew WK and you’ll realise why this fifteen minute workout is so essential.

Don’t agree? Say you like it.

4.4 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 13/11/06

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