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Alan Averill

● Why no new anthems
● The recording stresses
● The real story of 'Storm Before Calm'
● "I wont play computer games with fans"

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Defect | ‘Into The Void’ Demo

Did anyone tell these guys it isnt 1985 anymore?

From the production to the songwriting to the singing there’s just nothing to suggest anyone actually has. And it’s a pretty cool thing.

Defect were impressive enough on their demo from last year, not exactly igniting the world, but hardly disgracing themselves either.

This one is a definite upping of the stakes, with a sharper delivery and a crisper performance. Nice solos smooth it all out, and the vocals, though in places just lacking a little aggression and with the possible accusation of being fey, generally work alot better.

Granted there’s something just a little ‘nice’ about it all, albeit in an exceedingly heavy metal context. But at the same time the sing along potential is a big one, and this should succeed live if nowhere else.

The options for development are hard to predict though, and one presumes Germany might be the best avenue to pursue given the comparatively diminished appetite for stuff like this everywhere else.

But its energy and vibrance is impossible to ignore, and even if it isnt the most original thing in the world they’ll still do well if they can push it in the right direction. That isnt going to be easy, and frankly they’ll have to work their holes off to make any kind of dent. But for fans of Glyder and their ilk, this will go down well enough. Can it last past the demo stages? It’s now over to them.

Earl Grey ::: 19/12/06

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