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Album Of The Month August 2007
Darkthrone | ‘NWOBHM’

It’s always been our goal here to bring you new music. Stuff that deserves highlighted because it very likely won’t get the chance anywhere else.

Well very nice, very nice, as the Smiths so memorably said. But maybe in the next world. Darkthrone have always been around and always will be.

You can debate their merits until you’re blue in the face. But records like this aren’t always around.

And that’s why once more, it’s time to salute these crazies for continuing to go against the grain in pursuit of their own increasingly bizzarre agenda.

It’s hard to say just how much ‘NWOBHM’ rules.

Darkthrone’s first offering since the spectacularly spazzy and singularly cool ‘The Cult Is Alive’ isnt an album – in fact it’s a mere four songs.

But they’ve really hit the ground running with this one, and pulled off no less than three seperate contenders worthy of following ‘Graveyard Slut’ into black rock oblivion.

Though opener ‘Wisdom Of The Dead’ sets the atmosphere, it is surely ‘Canadian Metal’ that reminds us just why Darkthrone are still so totally necessary in today’s generally wick scene.

Imagine writing a song specifically to revel in a tiny facet of the metal you love. Yelling what you like about it, and using the same dated effects as Voivod. Could it honestly get any better? Well could it?

It’s a homage to heroes Piledriver and Razor with the best, most honest and frankly the most real lyrics I’ve read this year.

Sex with Satan the loudest song / Sounds like a hammer from hell! / Pyrokinesis and Take This Torch / sounds that fill me with no remorse… auh! – now tell me, do Dimmu Borgir do this?

I think fucking not. Just listen to it.

It’s invigorating, energetic, simple, and yet extremely clever: conveying both the tones and styles of the past, it also thanks them for it, bringing this fantastic stuff back into our stereos.

It never left your stereo? Have a medal.

The rest of heavy metal in 2007 needs a dose of this, and well crafted proto/post BM in the form of ‘Hedninger Fra Helvete’ bodes well for their future platter.

After that it’s rounded out with some grimy 70’s punk cover. Don’t ask, because I haven’t a clue where it came from. It just rules.

How can Black Metal have gone so spectacularly against its own grain that Darkthrone can do stuff like this?

Well frankly who cares. It’s fucking amazing. Oh yeah, and Ted’s got his hair cut. The EP format wins again – buy or die.

4.7 / 5 – Earl Grey::: 02/08/07

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