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Sigurd Wongraven - Satyricon

● Frost's new drumming
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Full Shred | ‘W.I.P’ Demo

You can hear their earnestness, but ultimately it’s no use.

Full shred have a name that sounds like a breakfast cereal and a clutch of songs that are straight from the big M. It’s getting really, really difficult to like demo metal like this.

It’s also getting boring to explain that there’s no sodding point in releasing songs with your take on the ‘One’ solo (‘Pray For Forgiveness’), or the tone of generally never having heard another band (everything else).

There is nothing, not one solitary thing, that separates this demo from that of at least five other similarly placed Irish bands of the last year. It should say much that all have made zero subsequent impact after their generic demos.

Back to the specifics though, and in fairness the rhythm guitars here are well produced and tightly played. The drums are performed adequately too. But it’s the ideas and lack of creativity that need the most work.

They could do with being there in the first place. Sorry, but its true. So much Irish metal comes rightly recommended – these guys have to disappear, listen to what makes the good stuff, then come back after a head shower.

Change the name, change the approach to heavy metal, and come back with a product that will actually get them noticed. Its tough love, but until they start really shredding, the creativity on here comes in at about nil.

Earl Grey ::: 31/08/07

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