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Visceral Attack | ‘V For Visceral’

When I was starting (yes, it nearly happened), you did your demo on a 4 track and fired it on a D90 with some shite out your inkjet for a cover. Nowadays you get Pro Tools and glass masters for the first crap you ever lay. It’s an amazing luxury, and frankly there’s no real point in me opening demo reviews any more with insightful and witty remarks about the production. It’s become a non issue, cause they’re all fucking gleaming. Which is what Visceral Attack (average age 7) have. It’s gob smacking.

Anyway, I saw these urchins a while back and was as impressed as one could be when listening to yet more contemporary thrash. The drummer in particular was solid as a rock, pumping every muscle to get that Lombardo beat song through song. It’s a shame the guitars sounded like runny farts, but the effort was there. Basically it was like seeing a young Sorrowfall two or three years back – you knew something good was brewing. Not Earl Grey mind, but something good brewing nonetheless.

It’s thrash done with the almost supernatural quality of being bloody accurate despite the genre being dead ten years before these ones were even born. But such are our strange days. It’s pumping, aggressive and full of energy, if (as a consequence of the genre) being slightly thin on brains. But those drums especially shine here. They’re fast and tight, which is of course crucial, and the riffs are spot on too.

So they’ve got the makings of cool, and for first band / first demo stuff it’s a confident and impressive display. But lets be honest, does anyone give a fuck for all this new thrash? The more bands that appear, the more you’re inclined to say no. It’s none of their fault, especially at this age, but it’s going nowhere. So if they can switch over to something more individual, they’re made, given their obvious talent.

‘Thrashing The Troubles’ though… not since Aftermath’s ‘Prepared For Peace, Ready For War’ brainwave has there been a cringer like it. ‘Civilians / Regularly alarmed / When we gonna realise / We must stop or we’re all dead’ etc etc. Like I know imminent nuclear apocalypse is all central to thrash and everything, but I wasn’t aware it pertained to Belfast. Amazing!

Cool demo, though.

Earl Grey ::: 31/03/08

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