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Album Of The Month August 2008
Ehnahre | ‘The Man Closing Up’

Dont let this one go under your radar.

Maudlin Of The Well and Kayo Dot may not roll off everyone’s tongue as bands central to the underground’s development – because they weren’t – but what they did do was offer an intriguing and totally off the beaten track alternative to the norm.

They also did it in an oft bizzarre and crushing fashion. Ehnahre feature their dudes, and they’re crusty, violent and primal as fuck.

Those of you into the likes of Atavist, Bloody Panda, and that tiny subset of bands who somehow coalesce drone into grind as if it was the most natural thing in the world (bizzarre, isnt it?) will lap this up. What we have here is murky, fecal, stinky stuff.

Starting more or less always from a kind of Boris-esque slow droning shuffle, they raise the tempo and intensity to proper deathlike grind. By the time they’ve hit their stride, you can forget the apparent barbarism of the sludge – these guys take it to classic minor key death metal in the Immolation mould, crossing styles and boundaries with ease.

Perhaps there’s a little Nasum in there too. But as soon as the speed has made its blunt impact, you’re dragged right back through the crust. What’s immediately apparent is that Ehnahre have done this to a greater purpose, and not just for the stylistic uncertainty. Little noises are to be found all over this cd, sounding like grubs feeding, last heard on a Jarboe cd somewhere. It’s disgusting, and adds much to the rot.

Then, just when you think it’s done, choral voices come from absolutely nowhere to take you in another and more unsettling path still. Violent, beserk music worthy of Crucial Blast’s taste, that marries sludge with speed, primal agression with a definite creative agenda – they’ve somehow fused things that shouldnt usually come together. But they’ve done it, and it’s quite a hammering. Get it.

4.5 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 13/08/08

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