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Secrets Of The Moon | ‘Priviligevm’

Secrets Of The Moon have always been just a touch overrated. Their early stuff was good, and live they’re hard to fault. Recent albums though have been rather dull, having been very overtly influenced by Celtic Frost’s renaissance. This one doesnt take quite the same cues, but could be said to be equally middle of the road.

One cant fault them for wanting to diversify. The sound of this record though is almost one of a group who have grown out of black metal but dont have an alternative. They’ve replaced the speed and atmosphere of old with a lot of tom thumping, brooding, slowly paced water treaders.

The likes of Helrunr just do this kind of thing so much better. It’s unoriginal for a start. All the chords and all the stomping have been done a hundred times before. Even ‘Black Halo’ with its increased speed is a lazy selection of riffs and syncopation. It sounds like they’ve lost all interest.

Sometimes I think it’s possible to hear a band’s motives in an album. You certainly can when a band is hungry, excited about what they’re doing, and exploding with either ideas or conviction. This is none of those. It’s a stale, past-it album from a band who only ever rode on the coat tails of greater things anyhow. There are much worse BM albums out there for sure. This one though is just so wholly bland and free of bite that it isnt even worth ignoring. Don’t let the crisp cover art fool you. It’s a complete snooze.

2.1 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 23/09/09

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