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Quietus Sect | ‘Sanctum’

Quietus Sect don’t fit in to the standard Irish underground style of release. First there’s their sound – or sounds, to be more precise. They’ve absorbed left of centre influences that the masses haven’t got round to listening to yet, then recreated them with highly engaging results. Second is their ability to sustain long, thought out pieces. It’s something most other bands can’t do.

The band have listened to alot of Sunn 0))) and Boris’ essential ‘Altar’ album. The first of the two lengthy mood pieces that make up this release has ‘The Sinking Belle’ written all over it. It’s not just the sparse, dreary, octaved vocal, though. It’s the whole approach.

The variety of instruments used to create atmosphere is commendable. As well as the standard feedback and droning guitars, there’s cello and piano. None of them are played particularly well, but that’s not what its about. Set on top of unsophisticated but intense percussion, it reminds of the primal Swans approach. They’ve also been an influence.

But so too have ambient, even darkwave bands. The floating, womblike atmosphere of certain sections recall Lycia, which just goes to show just how many divergent ideas are threaded well together within this demo. That’s quite a feat.

It isn’t easy to be creative. That’s why most bands recycle old riffs and standard forms. Quietus Sect though are something relatively new to these parts, and should be praised for their efforts. Their mix of ambient, drone and darkwave has much to offer. Despite many instances where greater maturity will bring a more crafted delivery, the ideas are clearly there. It remains though a fantastic listen, and it’ll be intriguing to see what they release next.

Earl Grey ::: 29/11/09

  1. really is a great listen from start to finish, interesting what will come of the band. Great work none the less shea!

  2. Nice art work..nudge nudge..

  3. Yeah glyn smyth is pretty fucking good…I did everything except the cover for them, myself and shea will be working together on more stuff in the future too:)

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