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Fuil na Seanchoille | ‘Bitter Dusk Of Futures Past’

Fuil Na Seanchoile showed promise with their last tape. The project managed, at its better points, to rise above the genericism of the BM underground. It showed a determined attempt to create atmosphere out of attack, composition, and good old black metal ethos.

This latest tape improves upon it substantially. Like last time, the opening track is far from the best on here. ‘Bitter Dusk Of Futures Past’, as it’s entitled, does nothing more than tee up the ear for the type of sound the demo has going on – crap, but at least well balanced. Perhaps in that regard it’s well placed.

After that however, it’s all an upward curve. At least two tracks on this tape are something that could genuinely be described as a worthy constribution to now growing Irish BM canon. Of these two standouts, ‘Monuments To Ruin’ is the pick. It shows a genuinely fierceness, fantastic dark melody, and a thickness of tone that belies its cassette recording. I’d say it’s really got to be heard – a full band would make it a striking experience, I’m quite sure.

Following immediately on, ‘Fuilchoille’ has a more Burzum feel. It’s more clanging, jarring and discordant, but satsifyingly so. It’s a worthy effort, and sounds like the real thing. That’s something that sticks out about FNS – it’s apparent at all points that this isnt done for kudos, but that the author has a genuine musical agenda.

And that’s about the height of it. Four solid tracks, two disposable but two that definitely punch high above their weight. If FNS could write an EP’s worth of ‘Monuments To Ruin’, get it well recorded then out onto the live circuit, they’d be attacking with the same force that Sol Axis did so briefly.

It’s a while off, and it is indeed a big ‘if’. Nonetheless, tracks like this hint at above average quality at an early stage.

-Earl Grey ::: 21/02/10

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