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Diabolicus | ‘Awaiting Eschaton’

Right from the start, this demo from cork based BM act Diabolicus sounds cheap. As soon as the first out of tune chords kick in, you can’t help but feel a bit let down. And that’s pretty much the story for the rest of it.

It’s all the more annoying because the problems could have been easily fixed. There are some excellent ideas in here, threading together the likes of Revenge, Axis Of Advance, Taake and Destroyer666. The weedy sound and lack of tightness just stops them getting through.

If any track could be said to succeed, it’s ‘The Wild Hunt’. Great blasts coupled with a mercifully solid rhythm and decent melody ensure it’s a winner. There’s even a hint of Gospel Of The Horns in it’s choice of chords.

Elsewhere though, it’s all a bit ropier. The vocals grate, seemingly out of position with the music, while some of the worse lyrics are a little juvenile. The guitars are both out of tune and out of time. The production is far from great. The slow riff in ‘Perpetual Chaos’ shows all of this at its worst – which is a shame, as its main riff is decent.

If they can take ‘The Wild Hunt’ and work with it, thicken the producion and generally tighten up, Diabolicus have a future. Tracks like ‘Dawn Of Eschaton’ though should have been nuked long before getting anywhere near a cd.

There’s a lot of sloppiness in here. Whether the veneer of underground BM styling makes that acceptable is up to the listener – highlights aside, it’s a turn off otherwise.

– Earl Grey ::: 10/04/10

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  1. I quite liked this CD. The ideas are definitely there.
    Just needs to be taken more seriously.

    A proper BAND line-up would definitely be of befefit.

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