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Paradym | ‘Silver Lung’

More than ever before here, the points of reference for young bands are making a determined shift. The demos that come in these days will as regularly nod to Gojira and Mastodon (the two most frequent) as to any of the old standards. Movement, at last.

That’s an incredible measure of just how much both those bands have really cracked the metal mainstream. On my money, the last batch to really come out through demo bands’ music were Sepultura and Machine Head – perhaps Deftones after that. Now we’re getting ankle biters trying Opeth.

Paradym are an interesting bunch. Monaghan doesnt really produce much by way of Irish metal (were Black Art Principle from there?), so it’s nice to see it represented.

They’re straight up and down riff metal, without much fuss, but metal in its modern guise. It’s thick, chunky, well produced and an overt example of the era.

The riffing is largely melodic, but with the bellowed, modern vocals you can certainly see where their interest in Strapping Young Lad lies also.

Opener ‘Silver Lung’ shows good songwriting nous during its final minute, taking a little Gojira and throwing in a dash of old ‘Vulgar’ era Pantera. The nicely held chords are smart.

The best of this bunch is easily ‘Celestial Fires’. Such a judicious choice of chords from a young band bodes really, really well for their future. That opener is eight of the best bars I’ve heard this year on a demo.

Why they had to wreck it with some faux Alice In Chains harmony vocals right afterward I’m sure only they know, but we’ll chalk it down to experience. Lads, just dont.

Again with ‘Ascension’. That opening owes probably too much to ‘Morningrise’. Still, there could be worse things to complain about, and anyway, the nice bell work on the ride cymbal in the chorus is well done. Come to think of it, the drums are rock solid throughout.

The rest of it, luckily is cool, slipping into a groove that will be acceptable to the live mosh while retaining decent bounce on record as well.

If they get out and about and start refining their songwriting a little more, they’ll do wonders. Snippets of this demo show that they’ve the potential to be a modern metal band that have some smarter ideas than the others, so they should certainly keep at it. Great sound, tight performance and some decent ideas. While not mind blowing, it’s hard to ask for more of a demo.

Oh – may I gently suggest that Silver Lung is probably a great band name, where Paradym probably isn’t?

– Earl Grey ::: 08/08/10

  1. who d fuk is earl grey?

  2. ye wot d fuk!

  3. tommy carolan Says:


    Drummer from Paradym here. Just posting up our sites online

    myspace is

    facebook is!/group.php?gid=293675064101&v=wall&ref=ts

    Hope yas like the shizzel

  4. Barry McClelland Says:

    Nice review there lads, now time to hit the road and get a gigs under your belts.

  5. Nice job boys… keepin ‘er country… big tom Would be real Proud!

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