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Guided Cradle | ‘Guided Cradle / You Will Not Survive’

“Oh yay, more crust.. definitely what I need at this point in my life.” I sighed, as I defeatedly prepared to put myself through what I expected to be two discs of plodding, orc loving pub metal played by punks.

Having a vague recollection of the name Guided Cradle from years of poring through distro tables full of interchangeable Eurocrust lps at gigs, I was almost certain I’d heard these guys before and been hugely indifferent to them.

Evidently I must have confused them with another of their piss-swilling, bestudded peers because this is clearly not just the same old bollocks I’ve heard a thousand times. Well, for the most part anyway.

Guided Cradle are (were? I can’t actually work out if they’re still active or not) a mid 00’s Czech/American four piece band who tiptoed precariously on the tightrope seperating punk and metal over the course of two albums and a split lp with fellow journeymen Instinct of Survival, all of which is included here on CD for the first time, replacing the presumably now long sold out vinyl editions from back in the day, courtesy of our own Underground Movement.

They packed the charging power of early Hellbastard with a little bit of old thrash metal and a more modern downtuned approach tightly into a ball of destruction that I can only imagine would have been explosive in the right venue with the right audience and the right amount of drink.

They manage – and this is the important bit – to for the most part keep the adrenalin level intact on record, something a good 70% of these kind of bands don’t. They’re surprisingly energizing to listen to on a commute through the suburbs of West Dublin of a Monday morning, let me tell you.

The downside is that to be honest, there’s a little too much of a good thing. For every “Eaten Raw” or “System Survival” though, there’s a dud like “Revenge of The Orcs” or “Alcoholic Superheroes” that just makes me cringe.

Generally speaking Guided Cradle have made it very easy to avoid the weaker tracks by giving them really fucking stupid pisstakey names, so I guess I can thank them for that at least. If I had to call it, the first disc (their self titled debut album) is the superior of the two – it seems to just have that little extra bit of venom that draws me back to it, whereas the second “You Will Not Survive” has a litle more of the filler than I’d like.

To be honest they’re a good band, but not a band where listen to one disc and then feel like I have to listen to the second one.

Look, it’s 2011. I’m not going to try and explain to you why personally, at this point in punk/hardcore/whatever history the world does not need another double cd collection of some obscure crust band’s work because you’re not interested, I haven’t got the patience, and it’s not going to stem the tide of them.

But as the infomercial might theoretically say – if you only buy one random crust band’s double cd discography this year..well, you could do a lot worse than this one. Certainly with the growing interest recently in crust from the metal contingent, this is a perfectly timed retrospective; it’s maybe not utterly esential unless you were a fan in the first place, but it’s certainly one I’d recommend if you’re looking for a way in to the bottomless pit that is crust.

3 / 5 – Jamie Grimes ::: 08/03/11

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  1. I enjoyed it quite a bit actually, being a metal fan i’d agree that it’s definatly an album that could open the way to the genre. Keep up the good releases ian!

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