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Album Of The Month May 2011
Of Legends | ‘Stranded’

I dont know who they are, what they look like, or what scene they’re part of. I’ve never heard of The Secret Handshake, the band their mainman seems to come from. When the first throes of guitar grunt pummel forth out of this album, it’s unnecessary. All anyone needs to know is that Of Legends have just delivered and incredible debut.

It’s good to feature different kinds of bands every so often round this place. Things can get samey. Bands like Of Legends are just the ones to provide a reinvigorating shake up, just as they will be for your cd stack.
They’re unashamedly groove based, with the kind of irresistable mechanic pulse felt by Will Haven. They’re also touring with the quality Norma Jean at the moment, which should give another indication of roughly where the band are coming from.

What’s best about these songs is the energy, and the sense of urgency given not just by the riffs, but by the lyrics too. Lead track ‘Save The Humans’ is a great example. Its constant ‘Oh My God’ refrain sounds like a genuine emergency, as if some killing technology is six inches behind the band. You’ll love it.

‘False God’ is a torrent of vitrol. Opening with a brief but highly appreciated blastbeat, it slows into a second gear stomp that’s heavy beyond heavy, accelerating again by the midpoint into volleys of snaregression. Sometimes it does to be reminded just what weight in metal is all about.

Fans of the recent ‘djent’ phenomena may well appreciate this too. Probably just a tonal thing though: the detuned, sometimes repetitive nature of the riffing probably make it fall into that orbit, but for my money it’s fifty times more interesting than any of that cut’n’paste gunk. This is a record of personality.

Hard to recommend this one highly enough. There’s enough of a root metallic tang from it to invite straighter palates, while fans of the cores and more loosely defined genres will enjoy it straight up for what it is. It’ll appeal to fans of a wide spectrum, from the Deftones to Nasum. No bad thing. Grab it.

4.4 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 29/5/11

  1. samples of this do sound good! it does have a bit of a djenty-ness to it but with alot more aggression and venom. very very reminiscient of Dublin band Red Enemy actually I think!

  2. Gonna.

  3. Travis Orbin did the drums for this I think, I already like them

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