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Refusal | ‘Short On Ammo’ Demo

A nice little spurt of deathgrind aggro here from this Finnish group. It’s a brief demo at just three tracks – but all the better for it.

The brevity has allowed them to focus, and pump out some Suffocation-influenced meaty DM that has groove and blast in all the right measures. Opener ‘Short On Ammo’ has a real ‘Despise The Sun’ feel, particularly in the drumming, while the higher pitched background vocals lend a subtle nod to the likes of Brutal Truth.

They’re unashamedly riff based, in the best and most old fashioned death metal sense. It’s odd – I’ve heard several bands recently recalling old Sinister, and yet again here’s another one.

The production is great for its style, with a thick and clear sound. The ride cymbal work in ‘Worthless Trash’ is also particularly cool, not merely keeping time with the blasting snare, but adding a quick shuffle as well. Neat.

Refusal aren’t going to set the world alight with this, but it’s excellently executed, trade brutal DM. An enjoyable spin – so check it out, as its up on their website which for now is Heads down and see you at the end. Nothing further needed, really.

Earl Grey ::: 03/08/11

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