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Ester Segarra

● Are live photos 'fake' now?
● How to get the perfect band pic
● Snapping Burzum, Mesuggah, Watain

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The Metal Insight Podcast #

We now have a podcast, and it's heavy as a heavy thing

It’s been a long time coming, but finally MI’s first podcast is here. Lorcan Archer hosts our first 45 minute blast of news, views and music from the Irish metal scene.

We’ll be working hard over the coming months to make this as good and representative as it can be. So if you and your band or venture want to be included, just contact us.

We’re also going to make sure this can be subscribed to on the iTunes system, but we’ll keep you updated on that one.

So get this on the iPod and enjoy the fruits of our labour. It’ll get better over time, and we’ll hope to be talking to people round the Ireland north and south on a regular basis.

Just don’t ask about the transatlantic accent – the important thing is that IT’S ROCK ‘N’ ROLL.

  1. Dear Lorcan,



  2. but i still love ya, (r)oas on the first play, good lad!

  3. Nice job Lorcan(adian).

  4. Great idea, keep it up. Thanks for the play dude.

  5. Nice work man, fair play!

  6. Very good I enjoyed that!!

  7. Miotal Trom Says:

    “No post exists for this topic” on P3 of the thread about this on the main forum. Great podcast Lorcan, and like I say a great development for the site.

    I must say I’m curious about the legalities of providing people with mp3s of various bands’ copyrighted music – it’s one of the reasons we don’t do podcasts of music shows where I work. If none of the bands or labels have a problem with it that’s great.

  8. Worthless Recluse Says:

    Any hypothetical band or label who thinks they’re being ripped off by having their songs included in a podcast needs to be slapped. Though I would prefer if Lorcan’s smoove tones weren’t interrupted by all that noisy music.

  9. Excellent. Well done.

  10. forevertwisted Says:

    That was great, honestly way better than I was expecting. Good to hear (r)oas and a Manowar song that I didn’t hate, may have to dig a bit deeper. Chat was good to, non-bullshitty and informative. More of the same!
    Good job Lorcan

  11. Miotal Trom Says:

    @Paul, I’m not arguing the moral rights or wrongs of it, but speaking strictly from a legal point of view, you are giving someone a free downloadable high quality copy of a band’s song in a podcast – something they can’t get from, say, listening to a radio show (they can of course illegally tape it off the radio if they wish, as needless to say the whole world and their mother did back in the day), but it is an important difference.

    Of course, I essentially agree with your point – bands or labels not recognising the massive promotional value are completely missing the point. But, ya know, shit happens in the world of copyright law – just raising a flag on that one!

  12. can we get a play/track listing with the podcasts maybe? Profane Existence do it and its very helpful .

  13. forgot to say it there, great work lorcan and all involved. Great to see!

  14. Eoin McLove Says:

    Listening to this now. Great stuff lads, a fine new addition to the site. Funny, the forum has been a bit off lately but the rest of the site seems to have picked up a lot. Looking forward to more of this.

    Quare bang of Breach outta that ROAS tune, btw.

  15. Great job, exactly what this site needs. In fact I’m surprised it has gone this long without one. I don’t know the host so I don’t know what all the banter about the accent is about but he’s definitely a very natural speaker – could definitely do radio if he isn’t already. There was a good mix of metal genres played too.

    On a side note, regarding Sorrowfall who were mentioned in regards to the Thurisaz gig – two members (apparently) now play in this band – a pretty severe change in direction:

  16. Nice wan. Looking forward to giving this a go after work.

    Glad to hear that iTunes subscription is in the pipeline, too. Very handy.

  17. Great stuff. Looking forward to the next one.

  18. Dark Stranger Says:

    “I don’t know what all the banter about the accent is about but he’s definitely a very natural speaker – could definitely do radio if he isn’t already.”

    Yep – he definitely has a face for radio too.

  19. Whatever about my gripes regarding the forum, the front page is going from strength to strength. Great listening, well done Lorcan.


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