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Sigurd Wongraven - Satyricon

● Frost's new drumming
● That tour with Pantera
● His medical recovery

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Retox | ‘Ugly Animals’

Just like hearing ‘In God We Trust Inc.’ and realising a record don’t have to be forty minutes long to leave an impression, a genuine impact that can alter the way you look at things. THE NEW RETOX ALBUM IS FUCKING GREAT AND YOU WILL BENEFIT FROM HAVING IT IN YOUR LIFE.

Punked swagger and blast, insistent rhythms and, importantly, cool, arty lyrics providing you something to think about, to leave you twisting in the wind.

Ugly Animals is cool (on a cool label; Retox spawned from a lineage of cool bands) but not fashionable. Retox smacks of a much self-possessed band, voicing their unique broodings amidst a slew of scene copyists.

You will be much impressed, and will wish there were more acts, fully formed at such a nascent time, who can give you such a full picture of what they are all about.

The material is dissatisfied, a belligerent digging in of heels, a bored middle finger raised high (a flag on a pole) to wave uncomfortably above the heads of purveyors of complacent thought patterns and those who’ve comfortably accepted their bullshit lot in life.

Retox played the island earlier this year in support of Today Is The Day (whose spumescent new release must form a suitable companion piece to this), so if you missed them live then catch it up now.

4.3/5 – Philip Donnelly ::: 03/09/11

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