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Skewered | ‘Skewered’

Skewered are so 1992 it’s unreal.

In fact, this new album from the Dublin heavies formerly known as Necrosis is so rooted in the old school it feels like a history lesson. No bad thing: it’s as blunt, direct, uncomplicated and meaty as most other stuff from back then.

At the same time though, it begs the age old problem of how best to re-enact the sound of that era without just being dull. It’s a balance that the band teeter on throughout the length of these tracks.

They’ve gotten noticeably more confident since last time, though. A lot of that is down to the crisp and polished production, and it blows ‘Homegrown Brutality’ out of the water. Standout performances from the darkly echoed vocals (which really adds to the feel) and some very heavy riffwork make it a serious proposition.

Yet the band do fall down in some areas. One is the lyrics. Although its always interesting, and increasingly uncommon as the years roll by, to hear am Irish death metal band take on christianity, the over-familiar use of lines like ‘forgive me father/for I have sinned’ in ‘Ordained Abstained’ just sound tired. It’s been done to death.

Still though, tracks like ‘Born Into Pain’ and ‘Pear Of Anguish’ show that they’re capable of diversifying within their limited stylistic range. Granted it’s more like comparing ‘Vile’ to ‘Gallery Of Suicide’ than anything more mindblowing, but you can tell that with these two tracks in particular they’ve worked hard to craft something more arresting than the rest of the orthodox death metal on here.

Some of the drum rolls need a bit of work. Perhaps it’s the very triggered sounding snare that saps a little dynamism out of them, but occasionally they sound as though they’re scrambling to keep up with the rest of the music, and dont always fill out a roll quite properly. Yet that’s a minor quibble.

The band do well in creating an atmosphere of oppressive gloom with this album, which is more than is managed by a lot of blasting death metal. Yet perhaps their cleverness is that they dont actually blast that much at all.

I hate to sau it, but it’s hard to sum up enthusiasm for death metal like this. As pounding as it is, it’s so wholly derivative that in truth there’s not enough much to say once one has appreciated a few of the riffs and sampled the overall feel. It chunters along without truly electrifying, and while closer ‘Others May Die’ is one of the more vigorous and pumping numbers on the whole thing, it takes far too long to get there.

So they’ve improved a lot, and come on in the guitar and vocal department massively. The question is, to what end? If the band are so determined to stay withing such rigid confines, it’s hard to commend them more fully. Especially because unelss generic death metal is utterly blinding in it’s effectiveness, it’s so often a case of “Next”.


2.7 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 04/12/11

  1. What bands from 1992 does it sound like? I wanna look them up!
    And also, This is a 13 track album… you said there is ten tracks in your second paragraph above.

  2. Sorry typo.

  3. What exactly is a ”Pear Of Anguish”, a fruit that lends itself to mental discomfort?

  4. I just looked it up actually. Nasty.

  5. So did I, after I posted that, ingenious buggers weren’t they? The man from del monte he say – no

  6. I don’t generally comment on the reviews here but it’s the same review for all the irish dm bands here, maybe you should get someone else to handle them.
    If it’s tech death then… Too polished, soulless etc etc
    if it’s old school then you just call it boring, unimaginative
    people are into certain styles and of course it’s gonna be somewhat ‘generic’ it’s death metal!!!
    Listened to this whole album a few weeks ago n it’s right up my street, chunky as fuck gutteral dm the way it should be. Nice work

  7. I like the album and it has to be commended that they have come on leaps and bounds. I know that the guys put a good bit of effort in and have had a few difficulties getting it out. Glad its out boys. and old school death metal??? MUCOPUS and SKINLESS i hear, nothing more nothing less. lovely stuff. As your man Buck says, its the same review for all things death metal here, something which this site i have to say is slowly getting further away from. Do yourself a favour me ol skewered mates, send it to me or indeed send it to twan@brutalism which will undoubtedly come to me. Get it the review it deserves. Nice work boys. connor \m/

  8. Martin Wyer Says:

    Ciaran,Just a general remark, you recently added videos to some reviews which was cool, it would be great though to add a link to purchase local releases as it’s not always possible to get to a bands show, and availability of the release in local stores is hit and miss at best. A lot of releases fall off the radar for myself this way so a link would be preferable over a video in most cases.

  9. massive tractor Says:

    would have been nice to have an accompanying video for this review. There are several on youtube.

  10. Video duly added – apologies, I couldn’t find it in an initial web search. A harder look turns it up.

    Buck and Connor, you’re missing a point. Of course I’ll say generic DM is generic DM whether it’s Irish (or your mates) or not. Great DM is regularly praised on here – the problem is there’s so little of it that’s genuinely brilliant anymore and frankly unless it’s mindblowing, it’s been done too many times to be truly satisfying.

    Did yous miss the recent Zombified review or what?

    Rest assured, when great DM comes out of Ireland we’ll be the first to say so. As we always do, when it’s merited.

  11. Martin – most demo bands sadly dont have effective point of purchases set up yet.

  12. Full album streaming and purchase Here.

  13. That track sounds tasty, must pick this up, sounds clanky and manky

  14. Album sounds great, review seems oddly unfair on what is some well produced quality death metal.
    This is not the only review I’ve read here that has been overtly critical I’ve listened to the whole thing and whilst it has its faults, a better pacing for the album would be my suggestion, I find it hard to slate it to such a degree.
    Have to agree that this seems to happen to a lot of Irish death metal bands here. I don’t believe they should be judged any easier just the same as any other band.

  15. Ciaran/admin
    I don’t think we are missing the point, I think it’s vice versa. What criteria are you reviewing this against? You clearly don’t care for the genre so why review it? This review just displays a lack of knowledge for the genre and lack of care for it. You gave up dm did u not for folk? So why does this give you right of passage to slate this? Hexxed lyrics were hardly the next dan brown offering. Yes I did read ur review of zombified which I own and am a huge fan but they are hardly ground breaking but they were not punished as so for being generic. Mates? Mates or not ,it wouldnt stop me from rippin an album apart.But they themselves make no bones of tapping the old school vein. It dont come more generic than that. Why can’t an album be reviewed for what it is as opposed to what YOU want it to be, which by all terms is never gonna be. So in this, why would bands send they’re hard work to be scrutinised by here when realistically it’s being shot down by folk who don’t give a’s balls . And to concluded they’re has been many a great release from here, maybe they’ve just past you by….. Or they just

  16. Or they just did not care to send it in?

  17. ”You gave up dm did u not for folk? So why does this give you right of passage to slate this? Hexxed lyrics were hardly the next dan brown offering.”

    You’re really helping your case with a cheap shot personally attacking the reviewer like this.

    This sounds like a step up for Skewered, big improvement, but nothing particularly special in the grand scheme of things – call a spade a spade.

  18. massive tractor Says:

    @ Dark Rider

    The lad Connor above is not a member of Skewered. Don’t make uninformed assumptions about bands. Makes you look like a tool. Or a spade if you will.

  19. open face surgery Says:

    What are you on about? There’s nothing in his comment that makes it sound like he presumes that Connor is in the band.

  20. massive tractor Says:

    Misinterpretation of what he said. My bad. Sounded like he thought the guy was in Skewered with “You’re really helping your case with a cheap shot personally attacking the reviewer like this”.

  21. Buy stuff

  22. Surely saying that a band’s lyrics are not like Dan Brown could only be looked upon as praise?

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