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Decaying | ‘Encirclement’

Will a band like Decaying ever make it?

No. You can bet your house, your car and your life on it.

What they can do though, if you’re not too fussy and generally like decent metal, is provide half an hour’s quality DM racket.

They’re a veritable comfort blanket of timeless influences, most notably in the vomit vokills which at times worship early Chuck Schuldiner (Death), John Tardy (Obituary) and Martin Van Drunen (Asphyx). This band’s singer, Matias Nastolin has it down.

Then there’s the simplistic but well executed combo sound. It’s well paced, racy, pumping melodic death metal with little fanfare and nothing even approaching a creative idea. Yet it hits home in that soft spot first pounded in the early 90s.

For many reading, it’ll be the sound of your teenage years. For those that weren’t there, it’s some of the most accurate homage you’re likely to hear.

The battle feel goes through the album, though not in the same ideologically intensified way that inspires their peers in the war-metal subgenre. This is simple, classic death metal, themed in a way that conjures the image without needing the rhetoric.

The nearest thing I can compare it to has got to be God Dethroned’s excellent ‘Paschendale’, with its tales of firefights and empty rations. Naturally GD’s effort had the kind of blasting and verve that an album like this can only dream of, but nonetheless the feeling’s there.

It’s deep underground, you’ll never hear of them again, and it’s got ‘amateur’ written all over it. Yet the songs here are catchy, its utter lack of pretension is commendable and the guys just wear their death metal hearts on their sleeves.

The only thing not to like is that time’s just moved on.

2.7 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 23/01/12

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  1. Cool review, bit depressing though. I think there is still a place for old-school death metal!

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