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● The Hiss Spun 'spider' cover
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● Sleep deprivation & creativity

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The Metal Insight Podcast #

The Doom Crusted Rites Of Galway

Take three Galway guys, and yes, a real life Galway Girl, influence them with the doomed crust of Eyehategod and Electric Wizard, and you got RITES.

They’ve been making quite a name for themselves, and with an upcoming split about to hit the deth dekks, we decided to pin them for a chat.

Also game for interrogation this episode are Limerick’s excellent progressive metal tech-heads SHARDBORNE. Much like Atheos a few episodes back, its hard to overstate just how class an act this band is.

We liked their EP so much it was a matter of time before getting them on air – and we’re proud to push them forward. Get your ears around their fantastic playing in here.

We’ve got new cuts from Orange Goblin, Ride For Revenge, Mithras and more.

Plus we’ve got a brand new feature dedicated to digging out the coolest underground cuts that never really saw the proper light of day. We kick off with a little known death metal release from ’97 or there abouts – one thats been a staple of my own death metal stack ever since. Make sure to let us know what you think!

All of this, as ever, hosted by MI’s metal savant Lorcan Archer.


  1. Great show, once again. Finishing with Prevail in Hell was a stroke of genius!

  2. Great show again, really liking the podcasts, major improvement to the site along with the increased amount of reviews. Lorcan how did ya knot spot they were twins. C’mon…

  3. good stuff! must get my hands on some rites material

  4. delighted Rites are on here.
    not delighted I had to sit through that Davana bullshit first.

  5. you can download the rites stuff here:


    LP is available to buy from Into the Void, Plug’d, Wingnut Records and through bandcamp……

  6. …ahahahaha!! Delighted to hear about more solos from Rites…spent a good hour telling Bryan to get his shit in gear last time I was in Galway. Killer live band!!

  7. Eoin McLove Says:

    That Danava track was savage, Jamie, ye feckin’ nutball!

  8. Nice podcast.

  9. Miotal Trom Says:

    Good stuff Lorc. Only getting around to listening to the full thing now.

  10. very late giving this a listen. thoroughly enjoyable. Cool to get some insight into local bands and what they’re at too

  11. First time i’ve listened to one of these all the way through, everything was quality, Rites were the highlight for me

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