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McGalligog | ‘Powered By Death’


Dublin metal band new record breaks reviewer iPod, heart

Terror and dismay on the streets of Belfast last night as the new album from Dublin heavy metal band McGalligog, ‘Powered By Death’, breaks the iPod of the very person set to review it.

McGalligog (6) self-described as ‘melodic death / thrash metal’, submitted their debut full-length album for critical appraisal, but events were to take a disturbing turn for the worst.

After hearing anguished wails from the street outside, alarmed neighbouring resident Inveralmond Thrappledouser (56) rang the police, who quickly ascertained the reason for the ruckus.

Upon entering the stately manor on Hampton Parade, police officers found Metalireland (10) reviewer Dónal McBrien (30) lying curled up in a shuddering ball in a catatonic state.

With all 18 rooms in the manor being in a state of destruction, it was ascertained that McBrien had been attacked, and a lengthy fracas had taken place.

McBrien, only being able to cryptically mumble “The Gog…. the Gog…..” resulted in police arresting footballer David N’Gog (23) as a precaution against further assaults.

Later that night, PSNI officers were shown a map of Bolton and N’Gog was released without charge. Suspicions roused, officers again interviewed McBrien, who by this point had recovered enough with a glass of tonic wine to be able to help police with their enquiries.

It was a terrifying experience” said McBrien. “I loaded the album up, but the ‘Gog broke the ‘Pod and I realised my precious metal had died on me, and such a horrific realisation triggered a berserker rage, causing me to wreck the mansion.

My devoted manservant Murdock was eventually able to calm me down, tidy the place up, and provide me with a fresh download of McGalligog’s new album, so that I could heroically still review it.”

McBrien went on to describe the album as “A strong mix of Ensiferum without the boring parts, Turisas without the repetition, and Tyr without the sometimes drony vocals. The album is great – well produced, tightly played and surprisingly enjoyable to listen to, despite how off-putting the name is.

The Gog are definitely on the ball with their playing – Detrimental D (26) in particular makes the title track stand out quite a bit. The growly vocals are a stark contrast to the music, but I can see this setting them apart from the standard Viking/pagan metal style, and that can only benefit them.

When asked if there were any minus sides to the album, McBrien continued, “There are very few bad points to this actually – only the spoken word parts detract from it because they just sound so out of place and a bit stupid.

There’s a post-recording comment left in as well that makes it seem more like a demo than an album. But overall this is a great debut, and these guys will go down very well in the European festivals. There’s a lot of fierceness on display here, and it’s a great effort overall.”

Now please turn to page 3 for some tits and not an ounce of news.

3.4 / 5 – Donal McBrien ::: 06/02/12

  1. That brought a smile to my face. Great read!

  2. Martin Wyer Says:

    Worst band name ever. There are no words to describe how ridiculous the name is.

  3. How old is Murdock?

  4. Ever lurker Says:

    What is the name of, for example, any of the songs on the album apart from the title-track? What’s the riffing like? What is the song structure like? What exactly made it an “enjoyable” listen? I’m sure there’s a creative writing blog out there where you can pawn the rest of your prosaic impulses off into the digital void, personally I avoid those types of blogs, preferring to read about music.

  5. Cheers for the review!

    Next gig is the 17th of this month in Belfast at WARZONE (BYOB)!

  6. Gotta say it’s a bit crazy that we’ve to wade through 10 paragraphs of nonsense before a single note of music is addressed, you don’t really tell us anything about the music at all!

  7. Miotal Trom Says:

    Hahaha, that gave me a giggle I must say. Gotta admit though, if I didn’t know the reviewer personally, my giggle might be more of a scowl of frustration. The music definitely has promise, but seriously lads, change the name!

  8. Tezcatlipoca Says:

    “Gotta admit though, if I didn’t know the reviewer personally, my giggle might be more of a scowl of frustration.”

    Yeah, that much is true.

    And Chris, will you ever stop using that Ever lurker name to hide behind?

  9. I enjoyed this until that Braveheart singing started. Great guitar sound though.

  10. economic mollusc Says:

    the name is ridiculous lads, keep it!

  11. Enjoyable band. Odd review.

    Who really cares about band names anymore? It’s an unusual name, aye, but I don’t really see what the problem is with it. It’s a great identifier for the band, because it’s unique.

  12. The name is abysmal.

  13. richardanthonyc Says:

    I love the name!

  14. Terrible name. Review takes too long to actually tell you anything about the band which is annoying!

  15. Eoin McLove Says:

    Odd review alright. Not sure it really gets much across about the music. The name is crap.

  16. great band, originally didnt really like the production of this album but i got some new headphones and i actually think it sounds really really good when not coming out of a laptop speaker

  17. @ Scarlet Bayne – The name’s McGalligog actually, Abysmal was taken 😉

    I think this is a good fun review. It doesn’t follow the standard format but I’d imagine reviewers get pretty tired of writing things to order. If you didn’t think there was enough of a description of the music then you can listen all the tracks on and decide if they’re to your liking or not.

  18. Dónal McBrien Says:

    Well, considering it cost me £60 for a new iPod, I thought I could take a liberty with this one, and it was originally meant to be a pastiche of that Freddie Starr article in an 80s copy of The Sun, but the image I made was gonna mess up the coding of the forum.

    The album is still great, regardless of the style of the review. Listen to that link Matt put up and you’ll dig it.

  19. Eoin McLove Says:

    Listening to the sample there and, while it isn’t really the type of stuff I’d buy, it sounds like the lads know what they’re at. All the best to ’em.

  20. Cant beleive u ruined MI for everyone Donal.

  21. Awesome album, awesome band and awesome name (names weird i grant you!) fair play to the boys! Love it! \m/

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