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Nimh Stil | ‘Demo(n)’

Fizzy guitars, crap production and out of time drums – it’s yet another young Irish black metal effort, trying this time to crawl out of the shadows of a Galway eyrie.

Nimh Stil’s second demo has been out for a few months now, so apologies to the lads for the slight delay in review. I’m afraid the extra time wont help much, though, as they haven’t remedied yet the problems of the first – in fact, this is one of few demo bands who’ve actually managed to get worse since their last outing.

To wit: the drums are all over the shop, the vocals are poorly produced with almost comedy helpings of reverb, and there isn’t anything resembling a song in here.

Yes, ‘Circle Of Stones’ is decent, with a nice acceleration into a fistbanging snare drum assault.

It also has a decently dark verse which hints at better things to come in time from this band. It’s just that the opening troika of ‘An Nimh Stil’, ‘Demone One: Bat’ and ‘Demon Two: Wisp’have nothing in them that could really be considered worthwhile.

It’s lucky that this demo gets better near the end. By the time of ‘Sand’ there are clues that the band is edging toward musicality, with some nice wailing guitars and a slow, heavy riff to lend weight.

It’s all just a bit crude though, and not in a good way. This lot have to sit and think through their songs, practise them and refine them, rather than rushing to get the first thing on tape and out to the public as soon as they can. It’s ill defined, a bit random sounding, unclear in direction and frequently out of tune.

‘The Ghoul And The Church’ has an appreciable element of Gorgoroth in it, but that’s only because there’s an idetifiable riff. Perhaps there are influences and approaches in the rest of it. It’s just very hard to tell.

Overall, a bit of a mess.

Earl Grey ::: 04/02/12

  1. Yep. The first demo seemed a bit unfocussed to me. The sound was raw, but not in any interesting way. I wasn’t pushed on the song they put up from this one either. I think they really need to put their heads together and figure out a direction, and also work on the production too, whether it be raw and ugly or powerful and panoramic because at the minute it seems a bit half hearted.

  2. the cover is quite nice 🙂

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