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OSI | ‘Fire Make Thunder’

How is it that great musicians can wind up making such balls music?

Jim Matheos, from Fates Warning and Arch/Matheos, and Kevin Moore, formerly of Dream Theater – you stand accused.

They’re the duo known as OSI, a sort of prog-metal studio project using samples instead of good ideas and wandering, directionless thoughts as vocals.

Given the personnel, it’s really quite odd how boring this is. Only at the start of this year Jim Matheos’ album with Fates Warning singer John Arch was blowing speakers as well as minds. ‘Sympathetic Resonance’ was full to the brim of great licks, ultra-cool vocals and a real sense of adventure.

I dont know whether these are Jim’s cast off riffs or what, but there’s nothing even resembling a worthwhile piece of music on here. It’s alarming.

And as for Kevin Moore, this is the guy who lent amazing keyboards to ‘Images & Words’ and ‘Awake’ – and all that’s on this album is a pisspoor assembly of vaguely dub beats done in a hackneyed stomping metal style. The lack of creativity is petrifying.

There’s nothing more to say about this dull as dishwater release. It’s an album full of boring, meaningless elevator-style metal muzak with little motive force and less ingenuity. If this had have come out fifteen years ago it would have sounded past-it, with its little transistor radio sounding beats and it’s uncomfortable, unconfident vocals.

It’s complete toss, and comes across on every listen as exactly what it is – the product of musicians with far too much time on their hands. It’s the audio equivalent of a dressing gown and a cup of Horlicks.

Buy the Arch/Matheos album instead. It’s killer.

1.4 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 11/03/12

  1. actually thought some of those samples were pretty good, not necessarily mind-blowing but possibly worth a more detailed inspection. Must look into this Arch/Matheos album too.

  2. I like the first one they did – didnt even realise this was still a going concern

  3. I’ve heard this album and couldn’t diagree more, especially regarding the “dishwater” statement. I wouldn’t place it up there with the previous releases as it doesn’t have the same flow, more an album of really good moments, but it’s certainly not a bad album.

  4. No!

    It’s dreary, basic, heard it all before, plodding monotony. Sorry, it just sounds so tired to my ears.

  5. Tezcatlipoca Says:

    Just going by that sample.. The music sounds okay in parts, but those vocals are absolutely pathetic. Was there somebody in the recording booth that yer man was afraid of waking up? Fucks sake.

  6. I love the first three albums and virtually everything else Kevin Moore has done, so it’s on my shopping list in any case. Would have been curious to hear your assessment of ‘Fire Make Thunder’ in the context of the albums that came before.

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