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The first in our new series, digging out awesome older albums. Jamie Grimes starts with a much loved gem from the halcyon days of England's underground.

Absolutist | ‘Ave’

You’ll have read many reviews on this site by Jamie Grimes, man of many fingers, usually lodged inside crusty pies of one kind or another.

This is the latest release on his Suburban Mayhem label. Disclaimer over.

Absolutist, from Aberdeen, fucking kill – they’re amongst the grittiest and most energetic, pumping crust that’s done the rounds for a good bit.

I guess you could say they’re broadly similar to Only Fumes & Corpses’ most brutal and fastest moments. Almost every track they pen has an urgency that propels it right to the front of your consciousness. Not a single d-beat is wasted, and there’s not a single scream without purpose.

Tracks like ‘Senseless’ show a sort of anthemic abandon – a phrase that could characterise much of this – yet display as well the kind of breakdowns and changes of pace that give their music a REASON.

You hear that? The one thing most bands nowadays lack. A reason. An objective. The thing that gets them up on stage every night of some shitty, two-bit tour.

‘Patriot Act’ with its 16th hi-hats at the start gets all fist-fightyt, right down and dirty, while ‘Storm Of Words’ flies out the speakers with such determination and fury as would topple a solid brick shithouse. Oh – and dig once again this band’s superior command of a breakdown.

It’s a release that doesnt dullen once across it’s duration. The guitar tones are satisfyingly craggy, while the vocals are just far enough back in the mix to need to push forward, giving them extra aggro.

It’s just so, so energetic and so full of vim. You literally cannot miss it.

4.3 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 03/04/12

2 Responses to “Absolutist | ‘Ave’”
  1. Ollkiller Says:

    That song is deadly, sample works well in the middle too. Will check out more.

  2. wizardinblack Says:

    Very Good, the energy certianly carries you along – would defo go see these guys live, I would say it would be a bawl.

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