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Sliocht | ‘Drifting Deeper Into The Wilderness’ (Demo)

Usually, it’s a pleasure to get new metal from Irish acts. The standard’s been going up so hard and so fast in recent years that every new offering brings something new and better to the table.

Not every band however are able to deliver the goods – and Sliocht are one of them. In fact, this demo’s probably the worst I’ve heard in recent memory.

It’s a ropey effort that sounds like it was recorded using a child’s microphone and the arse end of celtic metal ideas from 1998, mashed up with bedroom riffs that haven’t got beyond ‘Ride The Lightning’ by musicians that haven’t yet learned to count in time.

Picking up roughly from where the likes of Waylander’s debut album left off, adding a bit of thrash and then just… shouting lots…and lots… it sounds all over the place, and absolutely clueless.

The band simply cant keep time with each other, the song structures are just plain bizarre, and there’s no sense of flow or coherence to anything. Alright, ‘Wayward Warriors Of Morrigan’ at least has a nice riff, but that’s about the only semblance of musicality anywhere in these awkward 25 minutes.

If there was anything to be praised in this awful workout, it might be the guitars. They’ve done well to use some nice harmonised lead lines, but frankly they’re molested at any and every opportunity by a vocalist whos sounds like a drunk vagrant shouting incomprehensible babblings at the world.

This is a demo that shouldnt have been made. The band should have practised harder, examined whether they really – in their heart of hearts – believed it actually made any coherent sense AT ALL, and just held off.

They’re undoubtedly top lads, plugging away, and I wish them all the best for future musical endeavours. The inescapable fact though is that they should disband Sliocht immediately – cause they’re beyond awful, and I dont say that lightly.

Earl Grey ::: 10/06/12

  1. Don’t mind the music there but aye the timing is all over the place and needs a lot of work. The vocals are ok in these ears, there is some distinction to them.

  2. Bit harsh, sometimes people who review stuff might want to consider the human aspect of a band, any band…yeah the timings a bit off, the production value isn’t great but guess what…it’s a demo, a demonstration of their made, wrote and played by a group of guys who decided to get together, set up a band and play some metal that they like, maybe have some fun.
    Saying crap like they’re beyond awful and should disband immediately is unnecessary, maybe you’d want to learn how to transcribe constructive criticism, maybe instead of going off on a rant about how much you hate this demo and this band offer some semblance of hope, try saying that maybe it was rushed, maybe they were too naive in getting it out so quick and should have spent more time getting the songs structured…and remember, no matter how bad you think the songs are they were penned by people who obviously spent time creating them which in itself is commendable.
    it’s not my preferred style of music but it’s listenable, a bit more time getting stuff together and i’m sure they will achieve what their goal is.

  3. Ever lurker Says:

    In fairness your entire comment is beyond awful too. If you can’t objectively tell the difference between “good” music that you listen to and the “shite” you’ve just committed to disc and subsequently decided to let other people listen to then you need to be smacked out of your delirium. Speaking from experience – the smacks should come as soon and as hard as possible; fuck this molly-coddlin’ crap.

  4. Eoin McLove Says:

    Savo, what’s worse for your band’s morale is you saying that your own music is not your ‘preferred style’.

  5. LOL, You two jolly boys think I have some part to play in sliocht?
    Your comments and assumptions amuse me greatly, i have absolutely nothing to do with this band but thanks all the same for taking the time to reply.

  6. jewzamek Says:

    Its not the worst thing i’ve ever heard. The timing is loose ok but definitely nothing beyond a bit of harder practice. The vocals grate a bit but there is an overall thrash/death sound that would benefit from something like the vocals of early Atheist/Death era death metal.
    I’ve heard far worse Irish bands plug away for considerably longer than one demo.

  7. Enrico Rancor Says:

    This is a review, not a Blog…..ergo, I fail to see why these guys should ‘consider the Human Element’ when it’s their job to consider the music itself and nothing else.

    They’re not here to make friends with the band, or blow smoke up people’s asses- they’re doing reviews.

  8. Ever lurker Says:

    I didn’t think you were in the band Savo – just an enabler. I was using the impersonal “you”, like the royal “we”. Hopefully this clarification doesn’t subtract too much from your great amusement. ‘Tis little wonder this awful shite appealed to you on some level, given how easily entertained you are.

  9. Enrico – I agree with you, it’s reviewing the music but this review went a bit overboard with the “disband immediately” line which is an attack on the band itself.
    The reviewer thought it was beyond awful, i disagree as i have spent money on full albums which were worse than this demo and i hope they use this rebuke as a catalyst to improve themselves and not disband immediately and become another casualty of the Irish metal fans reluctance to support local bands

  10. Even lurker – Cheers lad, I was looking for entertainment today and rattling my own car keys in front of my face has lost appeal lately.

  11. Eoin McLove Says:

    Irish metal fans’ reluctance to support Irish bands? Are you on glue?

  12. Emphyrio Says:

    Eoin McLove Says:
    May 11th, 2012 at 12:18 pm

    Irish metal fans’ reluctance to support Irish bands? Are you on glue?


  13. Well done McLove, witty reply.

  14. open face sugery Says:

    Just because you’ve spent money on things worse than this doesn’t matter in the slightest. That song is utter shit and going by the review the rest is on par so to be avoided at all costs. Job done with the review, if you ask me. As stated, the level of quality of Irish releases has improved ten fold in recent years so the times of wadding through shit like this are gone.

    Also, regards the Irish metal fans comment, Mr. Mclove responded perfectly. Absolutely ridiculous statement.

  15. Ed Somers Says:

    That is dire stuff indeed, I hope they get signed as soon as possible

  16. As good as Waylander and WOTH and these real difference to these ears..then again I am clinically deaf

  17. Ed Somers Says:

    Are you drawing some parallel between Waylander and WOTH? Then fuck me you are deaf

  18. barnyard Says:


  19. ha ha good point..just the mention of Waylander in the review got me thinking how really mediocre bands can hold such a high status in a scene. If these guys are a bad Waylander then all hope is lost..

  20. barnyard Says:

    i have recorded stuff much worse than this

  21. barnyard Says:

    but i know it was absolutely shite

  22. jaysus thats bad

  23. why was this reviewed though?

  24. Tezcatlipoca Says:

    ^ Because it was sent in to be reviewed.

  25. i laughed harder at the second listen

  26. dr.gonzo Says:

    fuck did i just listen to

  27. Jose Jiminez Says:

    Jaysys, that’s muck. I’d almost go to one of their gigs just to get the satisfaction of walkng out early.

  28. Paul BAM Says:

    Not great i have to say… But i’ve heard alot worse. Spunds like a brand new band who jumped the gate a bit too early with releasing stuff before refinement.. Be interested to hear them in a year or so…

  29. You’ve got it in one. Cond’ult have put it better.

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