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Sirocco – ‘Lambay’ Album Stream

Reliving Ireland’s tales and myths is intertwined with the story of Irish heavy metal.

Sirocco, from Co. Cork, are a band that know how to do it with skill and class.Their new album, ‘Lambay’, tells the stories of the Viking invasions to Ireland – and it does it with some seriously epic heavy metal.

What impresses me most about this album is the restraint. Everything on here has been thought about and crafted.

The band have offered this stream of the new album for you all to hear, hoping that you can buy either the digital or hard copy of their new work. These streaming tracks fade out a bit early at the ends. Naturally, the real thing carries on in full epic metal glory.

Of all these tracks I reckon ‘Maelsuthain’ is the best. It sums up much of what’s great about their song writing. Memorable, stirring and swaying – it’s evocative of olden times.

Give Sirocco your support. Pick up either the digital download or the hard copy. No matter which, you’re bagging a quality Irish metal release that will sustain you through the autumn and winter of 2012 brilliantly. And, no doubt, beyond!

Does your band want to make a release through Metalireland? Make the impact. Get in touch with us.

  1. Sounds great. You’d nearly shlap your lad out and giver her a stroke while listening to it.

  2. Ah here, this latest front page feature deserves an explanation I think… but that’ll be for the forum.

    Anyway, I purchased the digital download this morning and have listened to it three times since while working away…it’s seriously classic stuff, excellent songwriting and the vocals are fantastic, in my opinion the best vocal delivery in this style we’ve seen to this date in the Irish scene.

  3. Sounds great, was never that taken with Sirocco recorded output in the past but this is a different ballgame altogether. Is it getting a vinyl release?

  4. About half way through the stream – sounds really great. Who plays the piano on Tempest? I’d agree with what Chris said about the vocals on this – definitely up there with the best of ’em from the Irish scene! Will pick up a CD copy as soon as I can. Would also be very interested in a vinyl release.

  5. Ciaran played the piano piece. no plans for a vinyl release at the moment, not independently anyway

  6. Crackin listen, knew it would be. Fair play lads

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