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Iweriu | 'Demo'

There’s a sort of creative hinterland that Cork’s Iweriu inhabit that precious bands few either bother with, or do well at. They’re not quite there yet, but this demo shows that the band are capable of summoning some impressive weight, albeit in snatches.

Their experimental, caustic doom has a guitar sound like a rusty razor, while the vocals seem trapped in some pan-dimensional vortex. Overall it’s quite reminiscent of Esoteric’s early work, what with sampled swirls and gnawing all over the place, and that same sense of spacey otherness.

When they get it right, they definitely sound like they’re onto a winner. ‘Church of The Bleeding Knee’ opens in pools of static before the guitars start cutting Cialis levitra sales their way through. Brighter Death Now and Non come to mind with some of this approach, but by the rousing end of the track its back to pure stomping doom.

Needless to say it’s a satisfying development across the course of the long track. The riff just needs a heavier, fuller production to really do it justice.

‘Ghost In The Machine’ opens broodily with some dank plucked notes, though it must be said that the tune here isnt as strong as the one before it. Though the same climactic style is adhered to, it doesn’t quite have the swaying power of the one before it.

There’s more occult sounding spaciness in ‘Calm After The Storm’, with the music taking a back seat at points to allow the demonic vocal to take over. It’s effective and atmospheric.

Their off kilter entrances to pounding riffs reminds of early Scald as well, and with all that vocal rabidness going on its perhaps a valid comparison in more ways than that. Fans of the northerners will find much to appreciate in here. Perhaps there’s a comparison or two with Wreck Of The Hesperus too.

The band’s industrialised style of extreme doom is genuinely challenging, and brutally heavy. It takes a bit of work, but it’s worth it when it’s good. They’ve a lot of learning to do production wise, to really get the thump of this music out, and a real focus in that area should reap rewards.

Off the beaten track for sure – yet their experimentation should be at least rewarded with some of your own.

Earl Grey ::: 23/09/12

  1. The demo can be downloaded for free here:

    Also the YouTube video attached is not taken from the demo, it’s from a now discontinued promo.

  2. It’s a shame about the production, as some of the music sounds great.


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