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● Why no new anthems
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Dead Aeon – Two NEW Tracks Stream

MI is unleashing some quality Irish metal through the streams, and this latest is certainly the most brutal to date.

It’s a pleasure to bring forward some pretty crushing new death metal, and especially because it comes from the not so fertile metallic land of Co. Monaghan.

These two tracks are from Dead Aeons’ upcoming EP ‘Apotheosis’ which melds Morbid Angel’s ‘Domination’ era with some other quality modern DM influences.

Singer Jakk explains:

“Behemoth is a major influence for us. They have have the mix of black metal and death metal down to a T in our opinion. mexican persciption diflucan

The power of that band and their songs is a constant source of inspiration to us and we would not be the band we are today without them. The same can be said for Decapitated. Each member of Dead Aeon draws a lot of inspiration from them and from listening to them it helped us shape our own songs.”

That imperious old Morbid Angel feel comes across throughout the full EP with some nice faux-orchestral touches. There are more modern nods in here as well. The band say they’ve also taken influence from Job For A Cowboy, and just for variety, a touch of Enslaved as well.

The results are pretty cool, as you can hear.

Dead Aeon are releasing ‘Apotheosis’ at The Pint, Dublin on November 24.

They’ll be playing with fellow heavies Skewered and Party Cannon. So try to make that gig, and pick up the cd.

Does your band want to make a release through Metalireland? Make the impact. Get in touch with us.

  1. Really enjoying this, something different in the Death Metal scene here for sure. Will defo grab a copy of the EP!

  2. Like that lads, well done. Nice production too.

  3. Nice one lads… powerful…

  4. Miotal Trom Says:

    Yeah, liking that alright. Fair dues.

  5. Excellent.

  6. shweet

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