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Album Of The Month December 2012
Rotten Sound | 'Species At War'

Brace yourselves – you’ve just found a way to kick the new year into smithereens.

This new one from Rotten Sound is so aggressive, so caustic, so fast, so heavy and so fucking cool you’ll be hearing few better grind attacks in 2013.

Rotten So

und’s cross of grind and death always benefited from the necessary beef in the sound department. This is no exception, and for the first time even mashes a bit of Nasum’s crusted dirtiness into the mix.

The appropriately named ‘War’ charges along with some of the most deliriously enjoyable blastbeats I’ve heard in absolutely ages, while the early 90s Entombed guitar tone is enough to flatten anything.

Six tracks in 8 minutes? Yes, that’s all. But what an 8 minute rollercoaster. Just listen to ‘The Solution’ for a grind buzz the likes of which are rare in their frenzied attack.

‘Salvation’ has a slightly different feel, with its nitric acid vocals taking a slightly higher pitch at the start and adding to the

aggro. Slow that down a few riffs in, end it out on a huge hook, and you’ve got another reason to get this in your iPod to start the day.

Explosive, cantankerous, angry, fast as fuck and brutal like very little else in your collection. It’s the veritable meaning of grind. Buy it at once.

4.3 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 26/12/12

  1. Must get this!Execellent stuff

  2. I bet no other review of this will include the word “cantankerous”.

  3. A mighty word for a mighty sound. I must say, the review is as to the point as the album it extolls. Hats off to the Earl.

  4. Love. Although I always heard Nasum in there..

  5. sounds great…. just waiting for some winner to tell me it sounds nothing like entombed now…

  6. Bleedin deadly.

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