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Finntroll | 'Blodsvept'

When you call yourself Humppa folk metal, you’re leaving the door open for a lot of criticisms and accusations of


In fact, it’s a barb frequently levelled at Finntroll along with their contemporaries in Korpiklaani, Ensiferum or Turisas.

However, to the Finns’ credit, they have lasted 16 years and released six albums, evidence that surely they have transcended any ‘gimmick’ with this new album.

While the core of Finntroll’s sound remains very much intact on this latest effort ‘Blodsvept’ (translated as blood wrapped), the band has made a conscious effort to mature their sound, the bricks for which were laid with the last two albums ‘Nifelvind’ and ‘Ur Jordens Djup’, whether that can be attributed to the arrival of a new vocalist in Vreth is up for debate.

It’s not like they’ve abandoned the humppa element though or the joviality of their native land’s polka and folk music.

This is still a Finntroll record and one instantly recognisable as theirs. They’ve merely taken a few steps into the shadows to make a consciously darker, more aggressive record for the most part.

Still overrun with keyboards and catchy melodies however, Finntroll haven’t taken a nosedive into the underground or anything of the sort. While being a more mature record for the most part, it’s still peppered with moments of silliness like the drunken mumbling on ‘Rösets Kung’.

On the flip side you have ‘Häxbrygd’, with what is easily the album’s best riff and on final track, ‘Midvinterdraken’, with its grandiose orchestration and cold atmosphere, it plummets us into almost black metal territory,

more of the Dimmu Borgir mainstream variety mind you.

Finntroll have actually enjoyed some commercial success, it’s nothing staggering and they’re not going to headline Wacken or Bloodstock, but this is an album that will probably see their stock rise a little bit.

Is it anything that will set the world ablaze? Absolutely not, but it’s an album playing to strengths, preaching to the choir perhaps though. ‘Blodsvept’ won’t be winning over anyone who wasn’t remotely interested earlier but might pull in one or two folks that had a passing interest before.

2.8/5 – Jonathan Keane ::: 23/02/13

  1. ”Still overrun with keyboards and catchy melodies however, Finntroll haven’t taken a nosedive into the underground or anything of the sort.”

    Eh what?

  2. Finntroll is insanely popular on the european mainland. Granted the band is somewhat gimmicky, but it’s a gimmick with a lot of succes.

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