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Ruined Families | ‘Blank Language’

Ruined Families – Blank Language

Last year, Greece’s Ruined Families released their ‘Untitled’ 7”, a record that was easily one of the year’s very best hardcore records, albeit terse but that’s the idea. So, coming up on 12 months later it’s easy to see why the band’s first full-length album, ‘Blank Language’, is something worthy of your attention.

While the 7” was one of the most pissed off sounding records of last year, this new LP makes a concerted effort to expand on not only the ferocity but also the song writing craft, injecting shameless melody into the barrage and the result is superb.

There was fury on the 7” that appeared to mirror the economic devastation of Greece’s economy, the kind of anger felt by the everyday man and woman, with songs examining everything from personal strife to social decay. It’s something that the band has really elaborated on with this new LP. Angry is simply what Ruined Families are and it’s palpable from the off.

‘Only Need Is Real’ explodes out of the gates straight away with raging vocals and tremolo picked riffs. The adrenaline that Ruined Families conjure is second to none and, for 19 minutes, that’s all ‘Blank Language’ is, a cluster of vehement energy and force. Importantly, it’s maintained throughout. Where some bands can dip in and out of fervour during an album, Ruined Families know only nonstop belligerence.

Mind you, the band isn’t afraid of melody either as proven by tracks like ‘To New Parents’ and ‘Easy Livin’’. Much like a meshing of sadly missed Toronto outfit Cursed and an obligatory Converge influence, Ruined Families have still managed to make their record sound like themselves, particularly with the frantic vocals that really stand out.

‘Books of Weapons’ and closing track ‘Pedestal’ coalesce many of the band’s traits, whether it’s the throat wrenching vocals or chaotic but punishing drumming, into a tightly clenched fist that appropriately ends the LP.

‘Blank Language’ is a definite triumph for the Greeks and well deserved.

4.2/5 – Jonathan Keane ::: 09/03/13

  1. That song is rapid.

  2. Intense record.

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