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Alan Averill

● Why no new anthems
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The Obscene Machine (NI) | ‘The Obscenity Within’

Made up of members from such renowned Northern Irish acts as Condemned, Hexxed, Overoth and Zombified, The Obscene Machine have crafted 15 minutes of aggressive, Grind-tinged Death Metal.

I managed to catch The Obscene Machine’s first gig at The Voodoo with Exhumed back in March 2012 and they blew me away with their stage show, so naturally, I was very excited to be asked to review their first EP.

There’s a lot of tasteful worship on this album, most notably for bands like Cannibal Corpse and Cryptopsy. Opening track ‘Descent’ is laced with ‘The Bleeding’-style riffs, most notable towards the end of the track and ‘Infinite Intolerance’ has a clean section that is reminiscent of the intro to ‘Defenestration’.

The overall performance is tight and cohesive, particularly with how impressive the drumming is from beginning to end. ‘Father Vermin, Mother Whore’ is the definite highlight track from the short 15 minutes of music provided. The vocals are very natural and commendably, coherent.

As far as production goes, there’s not a lot wrong with it. My only real complaint is that the bass guitar probably isn’t as audible as it could be, but that’s a minor complaint at best.

As good as this recording is, I can safely say that the EP does not do justice to how intense the band are on stage, and I’d strongly urge everyone to see the masked Operatives 1-through-4 where possible.

3/5 – Ricardo Angelone ::: 21/03/13

  1. Can’t comment on the music but that is some of the worst artwork I’ve seen in an age.

  2. Fuck, I thought the art work was deadly and very original. Keeps nicely in line with the name of the band.

  3. Saw em’ in Voodoo with Aura Noir totally intense live, creepy atmosphere which added to the overall performance.One of the best extreme bands from NI I’ve seen in sometime!Good on ya lads!!!

  4. Curriemonster Says:

    Really enjoyed this release. Live though as most will agree is where the intensity comes through.

    Regarding the artwork – What’s wrong with it? I like the fact it’s not the usual stereotypical black cover with skulls, demons, or women being cut open (the usual oul bollocks you would expect from death metal).

    I like the mechanical feel to it all, music and artwork – reminds me of the The Berzerker in how they portray themselves.

  5. sounds good, art looks perfectly acceptable. But this band are best experienced in the live environment, live tracks written and performed since this cd are even better!

    good job all round.

  6. Agreed on the live front here, they’re far more suited to the stage than on record.

    That being said, it’s not a bad record either.

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