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Weed Priest | ‘Weed Priest’

It's a case of dont judge a book by its cover. Look at it. Would you give it the time of day on the strength of that low budget MS Paint job? Probably not.

Yet there's doom in here that just gets under your skin, works its way round your head with every listen and finally convinces you that this band have it all but nailed. It's pure quality doom from start to finish.

With a name like theirs I'd originally thought it'd be sillier, or somehow more tongue in cheek than it is. Not a bit of it. It's serious stuff played with atmosphere and conviction, rising almost to the heights of Graveyard Dirt at times.

Opener 'Final Spell' is persistent. It won't bowl you over to begin with, but with repeated listens opens out into a broad, intense plunge that just worms its way ever more into your head.

Slow, trippy and potent is the name of these guys' game.

'Walpurgia' is similar, with it's grooved chorus, similarly just pushing and pushing at your subconscious until its found its way in. Its solo guitar lines and harmonies at the end show the type of class Weed Priest are developing: a simple, disharmonic line reminiscent of Paradise Lost's earliest and most fumbling forays, shot through with that gothic atmos.

It's a tone that leads straight into this albums head and shoulders standout track, 'Thy Kingdom Gone'. It's a beaut. A watery, distant guitar lead spindles downward into a powerful, motive riff that just kicks off perfectly when the vocals come in.

And those vocals are another great feature of the album. Pleasantly distant, ghostly, reverbed yet roaring, they even in a funny way remind of Jaz Coleman's bellow here and there.

There's just so much in here. 'Weed Priest' is perhaps the heaviest, and has perhaps the most guttural vocal delivery, and reminds of some of Wreck Of The Hesperus' work with it's more punishing take on things.

The thing that just sticks with me about this is how much time you realise you're spending playing it – almost without even meaning to – and how much you're enjoying it. Again, without even meaning to.

It's solid, straightforward yet classy doom played with total conviction and feel. A great release, and one that should have far better artwork on its front to attract people to listen.

3.6 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 09/04/13

  1. Yeah it’s a cool album.

  2. that songs great

  3. I like that track, especially the spaced out mid section. Good stuff!

  4. wizardinblack Says:

    This has been on regular rotation since I picked up the cd, “Weed Priest” is a choice track,the album remains nicely placed in it’s overall sound, it’s full on stoner doom, and retains a comfortable dark atmosphere – it’s not difficult to listen to, just very enjoyable. Look forward to a Dublin date and more in the future.
    Yes, the artwork does let it down unfortunately.

  5. Love this album. It’s been stuck in the car stereo for weeks now. ‘Thy Kingdom Gone’ and ‘Weed Priest’ are the stand-outs for me.

  6. Tis great stuff alright.

  7. Caomhaoin Says:

    Looking forward to getting this. This review has whetted my appetite nicely.

  8. Hey guys, any northern heads looking a copy of this, I have a few copies on the store or I can do collection in Belfast (saving p&p).

    Only £7, and don’t worry the band get their cut, cause they are lovely chaps ;P


  9. I think that artwork is class!

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