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Gargantuan | 'Declarations Of Gore'

Death metal from Co. Fermanagh here, coming straight out of the old school. Fair enough – but is it exciting?

To begin with, it's pretty stock stuff as 'Hell Unearth' and 'Kathartic Bloodletting' do their thing – reminiscent of Malevolent Creation and several thousand other Floridian derivatives.

They're tight, pretty well produced (in a cardboardy, mid range way) and have a good deep gurgle to the vocals, even if it's nothing out of the ordinary.

After that first two tracks of rather pedestrian DM, things take a turn for the better.

'I Rot' has a noticeably smarter approach to the riff work that sounds at times reminiscent of Cannibal Corpse's darkest 'Gallery Of Suicide'. Some nice breakdowns and ominous chords help matters along as well.

Then a highlight.

'Math Murder', despite its name pretty much ditches everything the band have done before in terms of sound and style and opts to go into an early Paradise Lost doom intro – before breaking into a fully fledged Immolation style stomper. Following me? No, I wasn't the first few times either. But it works.
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The speedy beat aligned to a meandering riff makes for a frantic but controlled feeling, before the deeper breakdowns and more traditional passages work their way in.

It's sort of all over the place stylistically, and yet it's very satisfying. One senses it's a newly written track – certainly it's nothing like the ones before it – and that hopefully it can form the basis of material yet to come.

So no marks for consistency, but a few fleeting ones for originality. If they can keep up the unorthodox take of 'Math Murder' and pursue that line of development they'll be ones to watch.

If it's all going to be like the first two, it'd be a bit dull. Over to them.

Earl Grey ::: 05/05/13

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  1. would you believe math murder is actually the first song they wrote about 5 years ago?

  2. DISRUPTER Says:

    I do now!

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