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Leucosis | ‘Leucosis’

Don’t you just love it when a record hits you out of nowhere? Leucosis have crept out of some shadowy corner in Santa Cruz, CA with this new full-length that is sure to be a black metal pinnacle for 2013 and it’s the element of surprise that has served it so well.

While expansive and atmospheric, this is one of the gloomiest BM records of the year, albeit heavy on melody, and it’s a cacophony created merely by a duo.

Infected with a doomy vibe to complement the more orthodox black metal moments, ‘Leucosis’ is a heavily layered record with a lot to peel away before getting to its core.

The production is a huge part of this.

The band has fearlessly opted for a vast and spacious production job that highlights these layers and gives everything, especially the lead guitar work, great room to breathe and expand.

At over an hour in running time, it’s not surprising that this self-titled album has a lot to take in, but with the dynamic guitar work joined by an eerie atmosphere from the get-go and sparse vocals that you are never prepared for, ‘Leucosis’ keeps the listener’s attention with ease.

‘Anaesthesia’ marks the opening of this album and it’s a bold move. At 14 minutes, it’s the longest track and is mostly instrumental to begin and straddles a line between the aforementioned doom and black metal so it does little to set the band’s MO for the rest of the record but still serves as a stunningly grandiose introduction that eventually gives way to the bludgeoning of ‘Calcinate’.

While cold and sorrowful for the most part, ‘Leucosis’ is a record with some glimmering beauty poking through the cracks all the time, represented by the sleek and tasteful flourishes of melody added in to counteract the corrosive black metal assault.

This is something proven even further by the eye catching artwork – an old army tank with a human hand stretching out through a hole in the surface with a solemn white dove in its hand. It’s a dramatic visual to complement the dramatic music held within.

‘Taiga’ holds up as evidence of this, where the band trek into a melody-driven terrain with seismic riffs that swell in intensity leading to a flurry of crescendos. Meanwhile, that’s combated by closer ‘Euthanasia’, which is a much more virulent offering once it kicks in after its hypnotic intro and is near 12 minutes of the album’s strengths harnessed into one entity that appropriately puts a cap on this record.

This album is definitely worth checking out and keeping on your radar for the future; a pleasant surprise.

3.8/5 – Jonathan Keane ::: 30/06/13

  1. Not every day you hear of a band named after a livestock illness. I think they’re meant to be doing a three-way split with Trichinella and Bluetongue.

  2. try reading up on alchemy^
    uneducated smart ass

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