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Atominated | ‘World Without Flesh’

I can see why young bands still gravitate to thrash, despite its recent revival having petered out somewhat.

It’s got it all – snazzy looks, simple hooks and not a lot of complication. Job done, if you’re halfway decent.

Standing out from the crowd is the the hard part though, not to mention what you when you’ve popped those spots.

Atominated’s debuting effort is credible, albeit that they’ve a LOT of work to do if they want to sustain.

For a start they need cleaner ins and outs to songs. Of the four on this demo, three just seem to finish in a manner that suggests, loudly, that the band dont really have a better way of doing it.

To that end, there’s some double kicking and cymbals while the guitarists try to find the right instant to hammer that final E chord. Twice, they dont.

The two guitarists need to get in a bit tighter with each other as well. There are a couple of riffs and indeed harmonies where the disparity between the tracking is a little too much for comfort.

‘Atomination’ and ‘My New Face’ both pump by in an instant, taking in everything from Slayer to Testament to Nuclear Assault and back again.

‘Hook Torn Flesh’ mixes it all up a but by breaking out into a ‘Ride The Lightning’ influenced melodic excursion, but again it’s let down just a touch by a bizarre ending that just fades into nothingness for no real reason.

But they have a lot going right for them. The drumming is punchy and heavy, consistent enough and well paced, while the vocals have enough aggresion to make it all sufficiently hard.

They’re a young band and they’ll get better. Indeed I think their next release is coming fast upon us at this point in time. So let’s see what they can pull out there.

The production here is decent, the riffs are as good as you could expect for their level of experience, and if they can do a fair bit of work tightening up – ie lots of gigs – they’ll be in a better place to be judged on the next occasion.

Earl Grey ::: 23/06/13

  1. Enjoying this, seen em live in Fibbers and was quite impressed, they where that good I bought this release. Pure thrash metal done well:)

  2. Thank you, greatly appreciate it!

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