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A Pale Horse Named Death | ‘Lay My Soul To Waste’

Peter Steele may be gone, but his legacy lives on.

Better than that it’s a legacy with legitimacy, as his former bandmates carry on the signature Type O Negative sound.

Johnny Kelly and Sal Abruscato are doing the big guy proud.

Many will know Sal from Life Of Agony – but of course it was he who played drums in Type O up to 'Bloody Kisses'.

The leading force behind A Pale Horse Named Death, he's swapped his sticks for singing in this relatively new band, whose debut a few years ago impressed many.

Add to the mix the other Type O drummer, Johnny Kelly, and you've got a serious trip down memory lane.

And who could fail to enjoy the mix of those distinctive Type-O tones with some unashamed Alice In Chains worship?

This second album sees them not so much develop – as the possibilities for that are in truth limited – but consolidate.

They're writing better tracks with more lasting power on this. It's a fact borne out by the amount of times you'll go back reaching for at least a good half hour session of this album.

'Shallow Grave' reminds instantly of Alice In Chains around the classic 'Dirt' period, with its crawling riff and wailing guitar. 'The Needle In You' however is back to some 'Bloody Kisses' styling, whence the album continues for a bit.

Their absolute standout here however is the huge 'Day Of The Storm'. A tremendously moody track, it could have easily come off 'October Rust' – and I don't say that lightly. It has the slow, deliberate and developed atmosphere of the likes of 'Red Water' or (going further back) 'Too Late: Frozen'. Wow.

Even 'My Girlfriend's Girlfriend' gets a look in with 'DMSLT', although it would be rude to sum it up as simply as that – fans of Soil or Drowning Pool will also appreciate its floor filling swagger.

This isn't a case of second hand riffs or sounds. Mssrs Abruscato and Kelly have every right to continue the tone and feel of their former stable, and given that there cant be any more Type O records, it's a jolly good thing they're doing so.

It's a great rock record alive with atmosphere and just enough Goth haze to be genuinely genre crossing, while at the same time being pretty heavy as well.

Some of it flags. Closer 'Cold Dark Mourning' isn't amazing, while 'Growing Old' could be a bit livelier as well. On the whole though it's a satisfying and composed album which is certainly worth picking up for its best tracks.

3. 8 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 27/06/13


  1. really enjoyed a good portion of the debut. Waiting for this to arrive. Looking forward to it a lot

  2. loa were great i dont know any other vocalist so similar sounding to steele

  3. Good album – saw them in The Pint when they were here last – I hope they come back over again touring this album!

  4. Debut was a solid record and the gig in Belfast was cool, if not one of the worst Saturday Night turnouts I have ever seen. I see Johnny Kelly is also beating the buckets for Danzig.

  5. Didnt hear the debut but this sounds great…

  6. that song DMSLT is almost a carbon copy of Paradise Lost’s “Tragic Idol” title track at times…

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